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Track link clicks in email signatures

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You want to track users' clicks on links in your signatures and disclaimers, to measure the efficiency of your email campaign. 


You may use Google Analytics platform to check how many users are visiting your website using link attached in an email signature or disclaimer. The only requirement is to have configured the Analytics platform properly. Please follow the steps below to enable the tracking:

To set up Google Analytics account, please visit the following topic in Google Help Center:

  1. Visit the URL Builder page then prepare your URL. You may simply copy it to your clipboard.
  2. Create a new rule with Insert disclaimer / Insert disclaimer action or simply add a new policy. You may also edit your existing signature. 
  3. Open the Editor.
  4. Insert a desired hyperlink. In the URL address field insert the link created with Google URL Builder page (Fig. 1.).

    Exchange Rules Pro - inserting Analytics tracking
    Fig. 1. Inserting the Google Analytics Tracking URL into the signature.

  5. Save your changes and close the editor.

From now on, every user that clicks your link should be automatically tracked by Google Analytics platform.

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