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Small email text on iOS devices


On iOS devices, an email body that contains a signature inserted using one of CodeTwo’s email signature products is sometimes too small to read and requires a user to zoom in.


Since iOS resizes the HTML email to fit the screen size, make sure that the width of an inserted table or image is not too large.

When inserting a table in the editor, the default value is 660px, which is usually too wide for iOS. Try changing this value to either 100% or, if you wish to have a fixed width, experiment with the pixel value, starting from 300px. You can also switch to the source view by clicking the </> Source (or </> HTML source) button and edit the width value manually:

<TABLE style="WIDTH: 100%">


<TABLE style="WIDTH: 300px">

When inserting a picture, choose either one with a low resolution or, if you want the editor to scale the picture for you, enter a low pixel value for width. You can also adjust the width (and height, if necessary) value manually in the source view:

<IMG style="HEIGHT: 84px; WIDTH: 150px" src="signature.png">

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