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Signatures are not visible in emails in the Sent Items folder on mobile devices


While displaying sent messages on mobile devices, the signatures and disclaimers are not included despite enabling the Sent Items Update service.


Follow the steps below to make sure first that you have configured the Sent Items Update service correctly and that it is actually working:

  1. Send a message that meets conditions of your rules so the signature or disclaimer is stamped in an email.
  2. Open the message in the recipient's inbox and check if the signature or disclaimer is included in the message's body. If the signature is not there that means your rules were not applied at all. Review the email you sent and your rules and repeat steps 1 and 2 the way your emails are actually stamped.
  3. If the message has been successfully stamped, open the sender's mailbox using OWA (Outlook Web App). You must use OWA as it reads mailbox folders' content directly from the server. Checking Sent Items folder in Outlook is not enough as it may be running in cached mode or its folders may not be updated fast enough. CodeTwo Sent Items Update service uses native Exchange Web Services (EWS) API calls to update messages directly in the Exchange Server mailboxes. That is why we need to check folders in OWA i.e. directly on the server.
  4. Navigate to Sent Items folder and open the sent message. Check if the signature / disclaimer is there.

    It may take up to 5 minutes before the message gets updated by the Sent Items Update service.

In the case the signature / disclaimer is visible in the recipient's inbox email but has not been stamped in the sender's Sent Items folder, despite refreshing the folder after a couple of minutes, your Sent Items Update service probably does not work properly and needs troubleshooting.

If the signature is there, please check now if it is also visible on your mobile device. If it is not, that means email client on this device does not support updating emails saved in device's sent items folder with changes applied server-side. This is the case for many devices, especially for Apple ones. To work this around you can enable Create copy of the original message when updating Sent Items feature in CodeTwo software. This can be done by clicking Settings icon in the Administration Panel and choosing the appropriate option (Fig. 1.). Thanks to this option the original message will not be updated but an updated copy will be created instead. You will have two messages for each sent email in your Sent Items but at least you will be able to see emails with signatures.

Configuring the Sent Items Update service.
Fig. 1. Configuring the Sent Items Update service.

However, the above does not work for some other devices that not only do not update existing emails but do not update the whole Sent Items folder. In such scenario you may want to consider using third party email clients on your device that specifically advertise full support for Exchange mailboxes.

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