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Manual installation of the Sent Items Update service

This article is obsolete and may relate only to older versions of our software.


You need to manually install the CodeTwo Sent Items Update service (SIU) because you experience problems with automatic installation.


This article applies only to the program versions displayed in the Applies to section (see the top-right corner of this article). Users of newer releases are advised not to attempt a manual installation of the SIU service!

This problem occurs only in the old versions of CodeTwo software. If you use the software version displayed in the Applies to section, consider purchasing an upgrade to the newest, improved version.

To install the CodeTwo Sent Items Update service manually, you can use a dedicated PowerShell tool. Follow the steps below.

  1. Click here to download our PowerShell script.
  2. Log on with the Domain Admin account to the Exchange Server machine where CodeTwo software is installed.
  3. Open the  Exchange Management Shell.
  4. Navigate to the folder where you keep the downloaded PS script.
  5. To start the script, type:
  6. If you get an error that the script is not digitally signed, please modify your script execution policy as per this MS article (usually, the RemoteSigned permissions suffice).
  7. Strictly follow the steps displayed on the screen.
  8. In the case you get any error messages, take their screenshot and contact CodeTwo Support team.


You can review the script content by opening it with PowerShell ISE or any text editor (e.g. notepad).

Visualized instruction:

Fig. 1. Starting the script in EMS.

Fig. 2. Requirements' confirmation.

Fig. 3. Choosing a unique and new name for the user.

Fig. 4. Creating a password.

Fig. 5. Providing a domain information. Only simple domains (without subdomains) are supported. In the case of more complex setup, please contact CodeTwo Support Team.

Fig. 6. Providing information about the Exchange Server version.

Fig. 7. Providing information about the CodeTwo Exchange Rules version.

Fig. 8. Automatic creation of the SIU account.

Fig. 9. The execution of the script is finished. Follow the steps displayed on the screen to continue.

Fig. 10. Starting the Windows services.

Fig. 11. Accessing the Sent Items Update properties.

Fig. 12. Re-entering the password.

Fig. 13. The system grants required permissions upon password confirmation.

Fig. 14. Starting the SIU service.

Fig. 15. It might take a while before the service starts.

Fig. 16. If this error occurs, try to start the service again.

Fig. 17. Do not configure the Sent Items Update service directly in the program.

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