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How to avoid duplicates in the Sent Items folder


After installing one of the programs from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family, you see two or more copies of each message in the Sent Items folder. 


There are two main reasons for such behavior. Use the links to learn more.

The option to create a copy of the original message when updating Sent Items is turned on

The option to create a copy of the original message when updating Sent Items can be configured in the program's settings, on the Sent Items Update tab (Fig. 1.). When it is enabled, each sent email has two copies in your Sent Items folder: the original message (without a signature) and the message processed by the SIU service (with a signature). To change this behavior and keep only messages updated by CodeTwo (with signatures), disable this feature by clearing the checkbox. The changes are applied right after you close the settings window. To learn more about this option, see user's manual of CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro.

The option to create an additional message copy in Sent Items.
Fig. 1. The option to create an additional message copy in Sent Items.

Message splitting is turned on, and the program is set to save all split messages in Sent Items

Another reason why emails in Sent Items might get duplicated is related to the message splitting functionality.

The message splitting option is activated in the Administration Panel's settings, as shown in Fig. 2. If you are sending a message to a group of users and each of them is supposed to receive a different signature, this option splits the message into as many copies as the number of different signatures to be applied, so each user gets the right signature. For more information on the message splitting mechanism, see our Knowledge Base article.


The message splitting functionality is turned on by default after installation.

How to activate message splitting.
Fig. 2. How to activate message splitting.

Our software can save every version of the split message in Sent Items. You can enable this option in the program's settings, as shown in Fig. 3. Turning it on means that if you send an email to several recipients to whom different rules apply, you will have a copy of each split message in your Sent Items folder (each copy will have a different signature). You can turn this option off to reduce the number of message copies in your Sent Items.

Message splitting - step 2.
Fig. 3. Message splitting - step 2.


If none of these solutions works, the duplication problem in your environment might be caused by an old version of Exchange Server. Make sure that your Exchange environment fulfills all of the software's requirements (they are specified in the user's manual and on the product pages).

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