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Sending large files to CodeTwo Technical Support


You need to send a large set of diagnostic files to CodeTwo.


First of all, please note that some types of files can be compressed extremely well. These types include, for example, text based formats often used for logging, such as txt, csv, log, xml, htm or Event Viewer .evtx files. A few GB of such files can become as small as just a few MB after compression to a .zip archive. Always compress all files you are about to send to CodeTwo first, and then check how large is the archive. 

Files smaller than 15 MB can be attached to an email or sent via our contact form. In the case of larger (but not considerably larger) sets of files, it might be convenient to create a few smaller archives (each less than 15 MB), so you can still send them attached to separate messages via email or the CodeTwo contact form.

If the files are too big to send them via email or contact form you can:

  • Host them on your own FTP/WWW server and provide a CodeTwo technician with the download link and credentials (if required). This way you retain a full control over the files.
  • Upload the files to one of the many (and usually free) file hosting services. There are plenty of them to choose from, for example Google Drive, MS OneDrive, MEGA or DropboxSee a good comparison here.
  • Send the files to the CodeTwo file server. To do that, you must specifically ask a CodeTwo technician to provide you with a customized upload link. Usually, the CodeTwo staff will provide such an upload link beforehand, when asking for diagnostic files.
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