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How to migrate Outlook rules

Problem: You want to move Outlook rules (Inbox rules) from one account to another.  Solution: Outlook rules help you automate the handling of incoming and outgoing messages (e.g. move them to a specific folder, forward or flag the (ID:792)

Mobile phone numbers are displayed improperly

Problem: The telephone numbers of contacts created in the desktop version of Outlook do not appear correctly on mobile devices, for example the + sign is missing. As a result, you cannot make calls to these contacts from your mobile  (ID:541)

How to troubleshoot problems with iCloud - Outlook synchronization

Problem: You experience various problems with synchronization between Outlook and iCloud. Solution: The synchronization failures can happen in various scenarios. The most common issues are listed below. Problems after upgradi (ID:271)

How to synchronize Outlook color categories across Exchange items

Problem: You want to synchronize Outlook's color categories across items (e.g. calendars) in Exchange. You already use CodeTwo Exchange Sync to synchronize your Exchange mailboxes. Solution: CodeTwo Exchange Sync in itself will not (ID:252)

Defining access rights to public categories in CodeTwo CatMan

Problem: How to define proper access rights for particular users. Solution: CodeTwo CatMan keeps the list of public categories in the file located in the local network. To define access rights to public categories for particular u (ID:134)

How to automatically move mail to a specified folder

Problem: You want to move emails from a default folder to a specified (e.g. public) folder. Solution: The configuration procedure is described below. For the purpose of this article, let us assume that the folder structure in your (ID:79)