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How to migrate Outlook rules

...rd or flag them, etc.). Rules can be server-side or client-side, which means they are executed, respectively, either by Exchange server or only when Outlook is running and when the user who created that rule is logged in. The only nativel... (ID:792)

Drag and Drop not working in Outlook

Problem: You are not able to copy or move any Outlook items by dragging and dropping. Solution: As far as we know, this is a software bug that occurs in all versions of Outlook, and it is not related to CodeTwo or any other third-party soft... (ID:542)

Using CodeTwo software with Click-to-Run versions of Microsoft Outlook

Problem: You are not able to install CodeTwo software and you receive the following error message: Outlook not detected or No supported version of Microsoft Outlook detected. Install Microsoft Outlook and retry. even though MS Outlook i... (ID:330)

Installed add-in not visible in Microsoft Outlook

...add-in is not listed among the disabled items. Deleting the extend.dat file If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2013 , skip this part and go to section Check the Disabled Items. To remove extend.dat, follow these steps: Close Outl... (ID:7)

How to synchronize Outlook color categories across Exchange items

Problem: You want to synchronize Outlook's color categories across items (e.g. calendars) in Exchange . You already use CodeTwo Exchange Sync to synchronize your Exchange mailboxes. Solution: CodeTwo Exchange Sync in itself will not synchron... (ID:252)

Mobile phone numbers are displayed improperly


How to troubleshoot problems with iCloud - Outlook synchronization or updating your Windows or Outlook (for example, you have just upgraded your Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, or Outlook 2013 to Outlook 2016), follow the steps below. This solution also applies if your CodeTwo Sync for iCloud does not work... (ID:271)

How to repair Outlook files (PST) using SCANPST.EXE installed together with Microsoft Outlook

... with the appropriate version number, for example: MS Outlook 2007 is Office12 MS Outlook 2010 is Office14 MS Outlook 2013 is Office15 If you cannot find the tool on your computer please go this Microsoft knowledge base article from whic... (ID:211)

How to automatically move mail to a specified folder

...Fig. 1. Fig. 1. The Public Folders' structure. Go to the default Sent Items folder, and on the Home tab click the Rules  button and select Manage Rules & Alerts. The Rules and Alerts window opens. Click the New Rule button. Locate th... (ID:79)

Error: There is no email program associated to perform the requested action

...nce this error with CodeTwo software, see the sections below to learn about the probable causes and solutions. CodeTwo Exchange Sync Tools and programs for Outlook CodeTwo Exchange Sync If you get the described error when you install Code... (ID:351)

Multiple unnecessary folders appear in Outlook folder tree

Problem: In your mailbox, you see many folders named the file so that changes to the file will be reflected in your item, and these files cannot be removed (Fig. 1.). Fig. 1. Multiple copies of the same unwanted folder. Solution: If you... (ID:344)