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Mobile phone numbers are displayed improperly

How to avoid problems with mobile numbers after synchronization. (ID:541)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync, CodeTwo Outlook Sync, CodeTwo Public Folders 4.0, CodeTwo Public Folders 4.5, CodeTwo Public Folders 5.x, CodeTwo Sync for iCloud, Other, Tools for Outlook] [Categories: How-To, Troubleshooting]

How to extract MSI files from an EXE installer

The article explains how it is possible to extract MSI files from an EXE installer. (ID:503)

[Section: Other] [Categories: How-To]

How to find the Message-ID of an email and use it to track messages in Exchange and Office 365

This article explains how to find the Message-ID of an email in Outlook / Office 365 and use this identifier to track emails in Exchange Server / Office 365 mailboxes. (ID:496)

[Section: Other] [Categories: How-To]

CodeTwo software and transaction logs

Does CodeTwo software write anything to the Exchange transaction logs? (ID:489)

[Section: Other] [Categories: FAQ]

How to block users from running or installing software

How to block users from running or installing software (ID:475)

[Section: Other] [Categories: How-To]

Unsupported Builds

This article describes what versions of Microsoft Exchange Servers are not supported by CodeTwo software. (ID:469)

[Section: Other] [Categories: FAQ]

How to list Exchange servers and their roles

The article explains what to do if you want to easily get a list of all your Exchange servers along with their installed roles. (ID:449)

[Section: Other] [Categories: How-To]

What is UPN (User Principal Name)?

What is UPN, how to check user's UPN and how to set it for users who do not have them configured yet. (ID:448)

[Section: Other] [Categories: FAQ]

How to uninstall a service

You cannot uninstall a service so you are looking for an alternative way to do that. (ID:436)

[Section: Other] [Categories: How-To]

How to check your Outlook version

This article explains how to check which version of Microsoft Outlook is installed: 32-bit or 64-bit. (ID:430)

[Section: Other] [Categories: How-To]