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How to remove the CodeTwo Exchange Rules license from a user who does not need it anymore

Problem: You want to take back the CodeTwo Exchange Rules license from a user who no longer needs it. Solution: Tip Note that CodeTwo Exchange Rules licenses are assigned to every email address that benefits from the program. Consequently... (ID:95)

What is the difference between upgrade, update, and migration?

...number of the program The version number of every CodeTwo product consists of 4 numbers separated by dots, e.g. CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration The version number uses the following pattern: [ma... (ID:164)

CodeTwo Exchange Rules software failed to save licensing data

Problem: Due to insufficient user rights, CodeTwo Exchange Rules software cannot activate your license. During the activation, the application tries to save some important data to your disk, but returns an error, as it does not have permiss... (ID:435)

How to perform updates and upgrades of CodeTwo products

...dure applies to updates and upgrades within the same product. If you are updating to another product (e.g. from CodeTwo Exchange Rules to CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro), you might need to uninstall the current software first. See product manua... (ID:210)

Manual activation of CodeTwo software

...f your licensing window looks differently than in Fig. 7., see this section. Fig. 7. Licensing dialog box for CodeTwo Exchange Rules with the More menu expanded. How to obtain the activation code via email To receive the activation code v... (ID:437)