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How to create a new public folder (Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016)

...vailable in the current profile. Fig. 2. Display the list of all folders available in the current profile in Outlook 2013 /2016. The new tree of folders called "C2PublicFolders" will appear on the folder list; these are public folders w... (ID:5)

How to enable reminders in CodeTwo Public Folders in Microsoft Outlook

This article is meant for users of CodeTwo Public Folders. This software has been discontinued. You can check the list of currently available CodeTwo products here. Problem: The reminders located in CodeTwo Public Folders are not being disp... (ID:13)

How to archive CodeTwo Public Folders data

...g. 1.).   Fig. 1. The archiving tool in Outlook 2016 (the window looks similar in all Outlook versions). In Outlook 2013 : Click the File menu and go to Info > Cleanup Tools > Archive. In Outlook 2010: Click the File tab, click Cleanup T... (ID:103)

How to restore lost CodeTwo Public Folders' toolbar and menu in Outlook

...ders in Outlook 2007: Open in Outlook menu Tools, Trust Center. Choose tab Add-Ins. From the list at the bottom choose Exchange Client Extensions, click Go. Check if CodeTwo Public Folders is on the list and if it is marked. If no, mark it... (ID:50)

Mobile phone numbers are displayed improperly


How to set Contacts from non-default folder as default address book

...k Address Book as explained in this article: Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010: Fig. 1. Addressing window in MS Outlook 2010 (click image to enlarge). Open Address Book by pressing Ct... (ID:274)

How to check who created an appointment in a public calendar created with CodeTwo Public Folders

...ou want to check who created an appointment in a public calendar. Solution: Info This solution applies to Outlook 2016/2013 /2010. To solve the problem, you will first need to switch the calendar to the List view and then customize it by... (ID:28)

Compacting of the local data file of CodeTwo Public Folders to reduce its size

...ize. In Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007 the size of the PST file can be up to 20GB and for Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013 the limit was increased up to 50GB. However, compacting PST file can still be reasonable for the performance of Out... (ID:8)

How to check who is the sender of the message located in the Common Sent Items all mail that has left the company regardless of the computer it was sent from as all mail sending Outlooks contain rules that copy or move all sent items to a public folder. Seemingly, it is easy to find out who the sender of a message... (ID:54)