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CodeTwo Out of Office Manager: useful links (user's manual and installation file) »

Problem: You are not able to find the user's manual or installation file for CodeTwo Out of Office Manager. Solution: CodeTwo Out of Office Manager has been discontinued and removed from our main website. If you want to centrally manage automatic replies on your Exchange Server, you might want to check out the auto respond feature in [...] (ID:823)

How to make sure CodeTwo Out of Office Manager supports TLS 1.2 »

This article is meant for users of CodeTwo Out of Office Manager. This software has been discontinued. If you are looking for a way to manage out of office messages for all users in your Exchange organization, try out the Auto respond feature in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro. Problem: Starting 31 October 2018, Microsoft makes TLS 1.2 the [...] (ID:764)

How to use app passwords with CodeTwo software »

Problem: You have a Microsoft 365 (Office 365) account with multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled. When configuring a connection to Microsoft 365 in CodeTwo software, you receive the following error: The request failed. The remote server returned an error (401) Unauthorized. Solution: Most CodeTwo products support MFA-enabled [...] (ID:667)

Create an RBAC-compliant account for CodeTwo Software »

Problem: You need your CodeTwo software to use the credentials of an account that has only the minimum required permissions, following the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) approach. Solution: To connect to your on-premises Exchange server in CodeTwo software listed below this article (in the Related products section), you need to [...] (ID:517)

How to set the format of date and time placeholders »

Problem: You need to customize the display format of time and date used by time-related placeholders (such as {Current date/time} or {Future date / due date}) in CodeTwo software. Solution: CodeTwo software allows you to customize the placeholder date format in many ways. You may, for example set the program to display full name of the [...] (ID:500)

How to extend the timeout for services if they fail to start or stop »

Problem: CodeTwo services cannot be started or stopped. Solution: In some environments, applications installed as Windows services may require more time to start or stop. Click on the links below to learn how to change the timeout for service applications in Windows. A service does not start A service does not stop A CodeTwo service is [...] (ID:228)

How to avoid problems while designing the footers in old versions of CodeTwo Editor »

Problem: How to avoid problems while designing signatures in old versions of CodeTwo editor. This Knowledge Base article is designed to be used only with versions of the software listed in the Related products section below this article. Older or newer releases may not be affected by the issues described below. Solution: When [...] (ID:121)

CodeTwo Out of Office Manager is no longer available »

CodeTwo Out of Office Manager has been discontinued We are sorry, but CodeTwo Out of Office Manager is now "permanently out of office" and is no longer supported. We want to devote all our efforts to developing mid-market and enterprise solutions for Exchange Server, Office 365 and other cloud platforms. If you want to centrally [...]