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Synchronization of public folders after changing the account used for the Synchronization Service

Learn how to synchronize public folders after a change of the account the synchronization service of Exchange Sync runs under. (ID:143)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync] [Categories: Troubleshooting]

Problems synchronizing a large number of items

The article explains how to solve the problem of synchronization of a large number of items from the source folder to the target folder. (ID:141)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync] [Categories: Troubleshooting]

Adjusting the maximum number of open objects that a MAPI client can use at the same time

In Exchange server, the number of message objects that are allowed to be opened by a single MAPI session is limited to 250 objects. (ID:137)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync] [Categories: Troubleshooting]