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Missing MAPI profile

...API profiles e.g. with MFCMAPI tool run under User-B. You may stumble upon this problem for example, when using CodeTwo Exchange Migration or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. Suppose you configured a MAPI source server connection to use a diff... (ID:522)

How to hide private data from an item but show its creator

...want to display the information about who created this item. Solution: This scenario can be accomplished using CodeTwo Exchange Sync in the following types of tasks: one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one. Very important! The solution bel... (ID:562)

Non-Unicode characters are displayed improperly

Problem: Non-Unicode characters (e.g. Arabic) are displayed improperly as quotation marks in CodeTwo products. Fig. 1. Arabic characters displayed as question marks. Solution: This problem occurs on systems that are not configured to dis... (ID:514)