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Addressing exceeded quota problem in Exchange Server

This article explains how to resolve an issue with Exchange Server items' synchronization in the case a mailbox or public folders quota is exceeded. (ID:497)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync] [Categories: Troubleshooting]

Adjusting the maximum number of open objects that a MAPI client can use at the same time

In Exchange server, the number of message objects that are allowed to be opened by a single MAPI session is limited to 250 objects. (ID:137)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync] [Categories: Troubleshooting]

How to delete the contents of a user mailbox

How to delete the contents of a user's mailbox (ID:349)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Folders, CodeTwo Exchange Migration, CodeTwo Exchange Sync, CodeTwo Office 365 Migration, Other] [Categories: How-To]

Synchronization of public folders after changing the account used for the Synchronization Service

Learn how to synchronize public folders after a change of the account the synchronization service of Exchange Sync runs under. (ID:143)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync] [Categories: Troubleshooting]

How to move CodeTwo Exchange Sync settings to a different Exchange server

This article explains how to back up CodeTwo Exchange Sync settings and move them to a different Exchange Server machine. (ID:267)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync] [Categories: How-To]

How to synchronize Outlook color categories across Exchange items

This article describes how to synchronize the color categories assigned to items in Exchange (e.g. calendar items in Exchange Public Calendars) - with the help of CodeTwo Exchange Sync and CodeTwo CatMan. (ID:252)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync, Tools for Outlook] [Categories: How-To]

Configuring scheduled synchronization in Exchange Sync

Some users may want to set up a schedule for synchronizing instead of having CodeTwo Exchange Sync running all the time. This article explains how to set up scheduling for a CodeTwo Exchange Sync service on the Microsoft Exchange Server. (ID:249)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Folders, CodeTwo Exchange Sync, CodeTwo Public Folders 5.x] [Categories: How-To]

How to run the Exchange Sync service under a newly created user

This article explains what to do if the Exchange Sync service cannot be started upon server restart. (ID:188)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync] [Categories: Troubleshooting]

Mobile phone numbers are displayed improperly

How to avoid problems with mobile numbers after synchronization. (ID:541)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync, CodeTwo Outlook Sync, CodeTwo Public Folders 4.0, CodeTwo Public Folders 4.5, CodeTwo Public Folders 5.x, CodeTwo Sync for iCloud, Other, Tools for Outlook] [Categories: How-To, Troubleshooting]

Public folders are not visible in CodeTwo Exchange Sync

Find out how to set an Outlook profile to be used with CodeTwo Exchange Sync. (ID:801)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync] [Categories: Troubleshooting]