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How to move CodeTwo Exchange Sync settings to a different Exchange server

This article explains how to back up CodeTwo Exchange Sync settings and move them to a different Exchange Server machine. (ID:267)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync] [Categories: How-To]

How to synchronize Outlook color categories across Exchange items

This article describes how to synchronize the color categories assigned to items in Exchange (e.g. calendar items in Exchange Public Calendars) - with the help of CodeTwo Exchange Sync and CodeTwo CatMan. (ID:252)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync, Tools for Outlook] [Categories: How-To]

Synchronization of public folders after changing the account used for the Synchronization Service

Learn how to synchronize public folders after a change of the account the synchronization service of Exchange Sync runs under. (ID:143)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync] [Categories: Troubleshooting]

Diagnosing CodeTwo Exchange Sync

If CodeTwo assistance is required with your CodeTwo Exchange Sync problems or advanced configuration, such help will be delivered faster and better if you provide following files and information about your setup. (ID:277)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync] [Categories: Troubleshooting]

Extended RPC logging on Exchange Server

This article explains how to extend RPC logging on Exchange Server (ID:484)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Migration, CodeTwo Exchange Sync, CodeTwo Office 365 Migration] [Categories: How-To]

Configuring scheduled synchronization in Exchange Sync

Some users may want to set up a schedule for synchronizing instead of having CodeTwo Exchange Sync running all the time. This article explains how to set up scheduling for a CodeTwo Exchange Sync service on the Microsoft Exchange Server. (ID:249)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Folders, CodeTwo Exchange Sync, CodeTwo Public Folders 5.x] [Categories: How-To]

How to run the Exchange Sync service under a newly created user

This article explains what to do if the Exchange Sync service cannot be started upon server restart. (ID:188)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync] [Categories: Troubleshooting]

Adjusting the maximum number of open objects that a MAPI client can use at the same time

In Exchange server, the number of message objects that are allowed to be opened by a single MAPI session is limited to 250 objects. (ID:137)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync] [Categories: Troubleshooting]

Addressing exceeded quota problem in Exchange Server

This article explains how to resolve an issue with Exchange Server items' synchronization in the case a mailbox or public folders quota is exceeded. (ID:497)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Sync] [Categories: Troubleshooting]

How to delete the contents of a user mailbox

How to delete the contents of a user's mailbox (ID:349)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Folders, CodeTwo Exchange Migration, CodeTwo Exchange Sync, CodeTwo Office 365 Migration, Other] [Categories: How-To]