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How to add a direct link to Microsoft Teams calls to an email signature

Problem: You would like to add a link to your email signature that would start a Microsoft Teams call when clicked by the recipient of your message. Solution: It is possible to add a link for someone to call you via Microsoft Teams (ID:905)

How to add a different signature to emails sent from mobile devices

Problem: You would like to create a specific signature that applies to emails sent by mobile devices only. Solution: It is possible to add different signatures to emails sent from mobile clients. However, since there is no mechanis (ID:893)

How to send files to CodeTwo Customer Support

Problem: You would like to send files (such as program logs, screenshots, emails, etc.) to CodeTwo for diagnostic purposes. Solution: To ensure maximum safety of your files and speed up our response, you should only send us files v (ID:802)

How to automatically remove signature elements (placeholders) that cannot be replaced with AD data

Problem: Your email signature template contains an AD attribute placeholder that is dynamically filled with a matching attribute value from Active Directory when an email is sent. If the sender does not have this particular attribute in  (ID:787)

How to solve font-related problems in email signatures

Problem: Fonts in email signatures are not correctly displayed. Solution: The appearance and availability of a font in an email message depends on the client and device used to read this email. If fonts used in your email signature (ID:708)

How to avoid duplicates in the Sent Items folder

Problem: After installing one of the programs from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family, you see two or more copies of each message in the Sent Items folder.  Solution: There are two main reasons for such behavior. Use the links to l (ID:548)

Disable Outlook on the web (OWA) signatures

This article applies to Exchange Server 2013, 2016, 2019, and Exchange Online (Office 365). For older versions of Exchange Server, i.e. 2007 and 2010, see this article. Problem: You would like to prevent users from creating individual (ID:535)

Track link clicks in email signatures

This article is obsolete and may relate only to older versions of our software. If you use a current version, see the user's manual of your product for more information: CodeTwo Exchange Rules | CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro | CodeTwo Email  (ID:499)

On an iPhone device, the size of text in a signature is larger than defined

Problem: The design of your signature defines size of the text smaller than 13px. However, the iPhone devices are displaying the text larger than expected, therefore the layout of your footer may be distorted. Solution: The main r (ID:481)

How to preserve spacing in AD fields

Problem: You have an Active Directory field with some additional spacing in it, for example field Title: IT  Administrator that contains two spaces between "IT" and "Administrator". But when you send an e-mail, the placeholder Title is (ID:478)

Display language of the AD field "Country"

Problem: The {Country} placeholder is filled with an incorrect value, for example, instead of a local country name (Deutschland), the English name of the country appears (Germany). Solution: The Country field in Active Directory co (ID:474)

How to fix common image-related problems in signatures

Problem: You experience various problems with images in email signatures, e.g. embedded pictures are not displayed in received emails, are misplaced in the message thread, or disappear when replying/forwarding. Solution: Embedded i (ID:467)

How to remove spacing between e-mail body and signature

Problem: While composing a signature you may encounter a problem where the spacing between e-mail body and signature is too wide. This may be caused by incorrect signature design or unnecessary tags used in the HTML code of the signatur (ID:455)

How to use multi-line notes in signatures and disclaimers

Problem How to use multi-line notes from Active Directory in your signatures and disclaimers. Such fields may be used to present your opening hours and many more. Solution On the Exchange Server simply open Active Directory Users  (ID:439)

How to find the EWS URL and how to test it

Problem: You want to know the URL of Exchange Web Services (EWS). Solution: Finding the EWS URL on a client access server Finding the EWS URL by using the configuration of Web Services Virtual Directory Testing the EWS URL  (ID:429)

How to delete OWA (Outlook on the web) signatures in Microsoft Exchange

Problem: You want to remove OWA (Outlook on the web) signatures of multiple or individual users. Info The solution below only applies to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Microsoft Exchange Online (Microsoft 36 (ID:377)

How to globally enforce UTF-8 encoding for OWA

Problem: You would like to globally enforce UTF-8 encoding for your Outlook Web App. Solution: Exchange Online (Office 365) As of July 2016, it is not possible to globally enforce a specific encoding for OWA in Office 365. Ex (ID:343)

How to convert an HTML signature template to RTF or Plain Text

Problem: You want to create RTF and Plain Text versions of an HTML signature to make the signature work on all devices, including the mobile ones. Solution: The quickest and easiest way to convert an HTML signature into RTF or Plai (ID:234)

How to create a social media button

If you are using a version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules that is not listed in the Applies to section in the right pane, see this article instead. Problem: How to insert a social media button into your signature. Solution: CodeTwo E (ID:294)

How to save stripped off attachments from emails to the network location

Problem: Strip off attachments to network location using CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO Solution: If you want the CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO to save stripped off attachments to the network location the below listed steps must be follo (ID:279)

How to completely remove CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software

Problem: You need to completely remove CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software. Solution: To completely remove CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software from your system: Backup your rules using import/export feature: Co (ID:269)

Signature added twice

This article is obsolete for newer releases of CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software. If you have: CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO version 1.4.5 CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 version 1.2.0 CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 version 2.2.0 C (ID:268)

How to include vCards as QR codes in email signatures

Problem: You would like to insert a vCard as a QR code in an email signature added by CodeTwo software. You want to have this QR code personalized so that every user has their individual vCard added to their signature. Solution: Th (ID:256)

Noninterpersonal messages

Problem: Rules are not executed upon noninterpersonal messages (non-IPMs) and, as a result, signatures are not added. The log files contain the following message: Non interpersonal message. Skipping it. Solution: Sometimes th (ID:255)

How to correctly insert dynamic fields into signatures

Problem: You use one of the older versions of the CodeTwo software. You noticed that dynamic fields typed in or copied and pasted into a signature are not populated with Active Directory data when the signature is added to a message. For (ID:254)

Hyperlinks: how to change their color and style, and add Active Directory attributes

Problem: You would like to learn how to modify hyperlinks in email signatures created with CodeTwo software. For example, you want to create hyperlinks of any color and styling, remove the default blue color and underline, or insert attr (ID:250)

How to reduce line spacing in a signature template

Problem: There is a large gap between the lines in your signature template created in CodeTwo Exchange Rules software. Solution: This happens when you press Enter to go to the next line (Fig. 1).  Fig. 1. Two lines of text e (ID:247)

3 steps to correct message encoding in emails

Problem: Regional characters (such as ü, ä, ø, etc.) in signatures and disclaimers added by CodeTwo Exchange Rules are not displayed correctly. Instead of the actual characters, users see strings of ? signs. Solution: This issue (ID:241)

How to save a signature as a template

Problem: You want to save the signature you’re working on as a template so that you can use it again in the future. Solution: Saving signatures as templates is a simple way to reduce the time spent on creating multiple signatures (ID:232)

How to export settings from older versions of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

If you're using a current version of CodeTwo software, see User's manual (Exchange Rules Pro | Exchange Rules). Problem: You would like to export settings from an earlier version CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro (version 1.x). Solution (ID:212)

How to insert individual vCard links into email signatures

Problem: You would like to insert individual vCard links into email signatures so that each email sent by a user in your organization contains a link to this person's electronic business card. Solution: CodeTwo signature-adding pro (ID:207)

How to create a template with text on the left and image on the right?

Problem: You want to create a template with text on the left and image on the right. Solution: CodeTwo Exchange Rules enables you to create rules including templates. The template can contain dynamic fields from Active Directory (ID:204)

How to add dynamically changing image links to emails

Problem You would like to insert image links (images that are linked to a web resource) into email signatures, and these images should dynamically change every time a new message is sent so that each message gets a different picture. For (ID:201)

Strip / dump attachments - notifying recipient of removed attachments.

Problem: How to save files attached to messages directly onto a hard drive and notify a recipient of removed attachments. Solution: One of the useful features CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO offers is Strip/dump attachments action. It a (ID:200)

Detailed logging level in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO

Problem If it is necessary to get more information about the program operation then you need to switch logging level to detailed. Solution To display the log files dialog box, click the Settings button in the CodeTwo Exchange Rules (ID:194)

How to use regular expressions

Problem: How to use regular expressions. Solution: Regular expressions are formulas that can be used to match or find character strings by employing wildcards and metasigns. In CodeTwo Exchange Rules family the regular expressions (ID:177)

How to manually install, uninstall or temporarily disable CodeTwo Exchange Rules Transport Agent

Problem: Software products from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family process emails via a dedicated Exchange transport agent: CodeTwo Exchange Rules Transport Agent. Normally, the agent is installed automatically together with the program (ID:176)

Suppressing and forcing email signatures via keywords in CodeTwo Exchange Rules software family

Problem: You would like to use the software from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family to add signatures only to messages that include specific keyword phrases. Solution: You can use the software to set keyword phrases that, once added (ID:169)

Dynamic Fields in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO - Dynamic Content

Problem: How to create a dynamic content using dynamic fields in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro? Solution: CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO has a long list of useful features that help to manage the mail flow on Microsoft Exchange Server 200 (ID:168)

Loop protection for autoresponders in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO

Problem: How to avoid a situation in which two addresses start exchanging multiple autoresponders in an infinite loop? Solution: If you are using CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.x, please consult the following page of User Guide.  (ID:166)

Adding attachments in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO

Problem: How to add attachments in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro? Solution: One of the unique features of CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO is that it can automatically add file or files to the messages on the Exchange Server. You can set  (ID:165)

Installing CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro on a client machine

Problem: You want to delegate managing CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro to users who do not have enough permissions to access your company's server. Solution: CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro can be installed both on a server machine as well a (ID:162)

How to restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service

Problem: You need to restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service, for example, to refresh the counting of CodeTwo Exchange Rules licenses. Solution: There are two ways to restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service:  (ID:153)

Font size formatting in HTML footers

Problem Changing the font size to custom one. Solution: To change the font size in your footer: Edit the rule in Administration program. Go to the built-in signature editor to edit the footer. Choose one of the available  (ID:139)

How to add signatures only to messages sent by selected users

Problem: How to add signatures only to messages sent by selected users. Solution: If you want to do this you need to add these users to the scope of senders for a given rule. Here's what has to be done: Open the Administrati (ID:133)

Message splitting in CodeTwo software and problems when sending an email to multiple recipients

Problem: When you send an email to multiple recipients, only the rules that apply to the first recipient (in the To field of the message) are executed. As a result, all recipients receive the message version intended for the first recip (ID:127)

How to add new Active Directory fields to CodeTwo Exchange Rules built-in HTML editor

Problem: Add to the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Editor custom placeholders related to additional attributes in Active Directory. Solution: By default, CodeTwo Exchange Rules is able to recognize a limited number of placeholders (corre (ID:124)

How to avoid problems while designing the footers in old versions of CodeTwo Editor

Problem: How to avoid problems while designing signatures in old versions of CodeTwo editor. This Knowledge Base article is designed to be used only with versions of the software listed in the Applies to section on the right pane. O (ID:121)

How to create a footer with text written from right-to-left as in Hebrew or Arabic

Problem: While typing in right-to-left language, the text is improperly aligned. Solution: If you need to use Hebrew, Arabic or any other type of right-to-left language, you will have to use special HTML attribute to align the tex (ID:109)

How to prevent Outlook from removing extra line breaks from emails and email signatures

Problem: An email client such as Outlook disrupts your plain text emails or email signatures by removing breaks between text lines. Solution: If you composed a plain text email (or a plain text email signature in CodeTwo software)  (ID:98)

How to remove the CodeTwo Exchange Rules license from a user who does not need it anymore

Problem: You want to take back the CodeTwo Exchange Rules license from a user who no longer needs it. Solution: Tip Note that CodeTwo Exchange Rules licenses are assigned to every email address that benefits from the program. (ID:95)

How to set the RemoteDomain parameters to force email format in Exchange

Problem: Emails that were sent in the HTML format are received as Plain Text or RTF messages. You experience this format conversion also in the case of HTML signatures composed in CodeTwo Exchange Rules, CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro or Co (ID:84)

How to configure Exchange Server to automatically convert RTF messages to the HTML format

Problem: You need to configure an Exchange server so that messages to external recipients (i.e. recipients outside your organization) are never sent in the RTF format. You want the RTF messages to be automatically converted to HTML inste (ID:80)

Setting global encoding for outgoing messages at the server level

Problem: You need to enforce the same encoding in every Outlook client. Solution: The correct choice of encoding for outgoing messages is necessary for the faultless display of language-specific characters found in languages such a (ID:77)

How to disable adding signatures created in OWA for Exchange users

This article applies to older versions of Exchange Server - Exchange 2007 and 2010. For newer versions of Exchange Server and Exchange Online (Office 365) see this article. Problem: How to disable adding signatures created in OWA for  (ID:65)

How to use a font type or size that is not included on the font list of the signature editor

Problem: You would like to use a font type or size that is not displayed on the Editor's ribbon. Solution: How to use a font type that is not available on the Editor's ribbon How to use a font size that is not available on th (ID:62)

How to prevent Outlook from adding signatures

Problem: After installing centrally managed signature adding software (such as CodeTwo Exchange Rules or CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365), you might need to disable personal signatures added in Outlook. If you are not able to ge (ID:52)

How to find installation folder for CodeTwo Exchange Rules

Problem: You need to find the installation folder for CodeTwo Exchange Rules. Solution: If the path was not changed during the installation, then the program is installed in the default folder. For CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2.x (ID:40)

How to insert a detailed signature in the first email, and only simplified in later correspondence

Problem: Personalized disclaimers can be divided into detailed and simplified. You can set rules so that the first time a message is sent, it receives a large and detailed disclaimer including first name, last name, position, phone no.,  (ID:14)

How to insert a company disclaimer and a personal signature into one message

Problem: You want to use older versions of CodeTwo Exchange Rules to insert multiple signatures into one email. For example, you want to insert a company disclaimer, containing information such as a postal address, VAT ID no., company re (ID:15)