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How to manually install, uninstall or temporarily disable CodeTwo Exchange Rules Transport Agent

...Two Exchange Rules \CodeTwo.ER.Agent.dll" Enable-TransportAgent -Identity "CodeTwo Exchange Rules " If you use CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 1.x: Install-TransportAgent -Name "CodeTwoExchangeRules " -TransportAgentFactory "ExchangeRulesAgent ... (ID:176)

Signatures are not added

Problem: Signatures are not added by a program from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family. Solution: There might be several reasons for such behavior. The most probable causes and adequate solutions are described below. Missing component in a... (ID:551)

Transport Service does not start after installing CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software

...tware installation is extremely rare and is always caused by one of the following reasons: You have installed CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 or PRO on MS Exchange Server 2013 with Service Pack 1 (SP1/CU4). Applying MS fix for Exchange or upg... (ID:367)

An email rule is applied more than once to the same message Fig. 1. The Stop processing next rules option in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 (top window) and in the Exchange Rules software family (bottom window). If you prefer to have your CodeTwo software configured in such a way tha... (ID:280)

How to fix common image-related problems in signatures

...ired format conversion Default email format and its conversion in email clients Email format conversion/enforcement by Exchange Server Email format conversion by CodeTwo and other third-party software Images in signatures are not correctly... (ID:467)

Installation of Exchange Rules 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 in non-default location

Problem: CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 has no access to files and libraries after installation in non-default location. Solution: When CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013  is installed in a non-default loca... (ID:192)

External email addresses are treated as internal senders only, you can achieve this by excluding internal senders. Guidelines for users of older versions of CodeTwo Exchange Rules (Pro) If you use an older version of CodeTwo software, the available options might look slightly differen... (ID:292)

Diagnosing CodeTwo Exchange Rules product family (older versions)

Problem: CodeTwo assistance is required when you experience problems with the CodeTwo Exchange Rules product family or require advanced configuration of the software. Solution: This Knowledge Base article concerns certain older versions of... (ID:278)

How to prevent Outlook from removing extra line breaks from emails and email signatures


A signature is inserted in a wrong place in a message the signature template editor. To learn how to do that, see: this manual - if you use software from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family this manual - if you use CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. If the setting in the editor a... (ID:195)

Invalid agent assembly path

...t Viewer log file: Failed to create type 'Agent.CAgentFactoryRouting' from assembly 'E:\Program Files\CodeTwo\CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro\CodeTwo.ER.Agent.dll' due to error 'Invalid agent assembly path.'.Microsoft.Exchange .Data.ExchangeCon ... (ID:373)

How to avoid detecting local contacts as internal recipients

Problem The CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 1.x and CodeTwo Exchange Rules  software recognizes contacts existing in Active Directory as internal recipients. In result, incorrect rules are applied to the messages. This Knowledge Base article... (ID:297)

Setting up the custom EWS address in Exchange Rules family software

The below solution is applicable only for CodeTwo Exchange Rules of versions listed in the right-hand side section "Applies to". If you are looking for similar article for CodeTwo Exchange Rules of higher versions than listed aside, please... (ID:151)

Good practices for preparing an email signature

...low the links below to learn how to convert signature templates in: CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365, CodeTwo Exchange Rules family of products. Use tables with separate cells for different elements, e.g. images, text, or placeh... (ID:488)

Spoofed emails receive signatures in the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family of products

...mpt to impersonate a user inside your organization. As a result of this spoofing attempt, they are processed by CodeTwo Exchange Rules and receive signatures and/or disclaimers identically to authentic emails. Solution: The problem occurs b... (ID:891)

You are not able to resend a message updated by SIU

Problem: You cannot use a resend option for a message processed by the Sent Items Update service (SIU) of CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO or CodeTwo Exchange Rules  family software. The attempt to resend the e-mail ends with the following error... (ID:423)

Sent Items Update thread abort exception

...ueProcesingThread.Proceed function., Thread was being aborted. Solution: This behavior is a result of a bug in CodeTwo Exchange Rules software. The bug is a minor issue which results solely on logging the above quoted message to the Sent... (ID:444)

CodeTwo Exchange Rules software failed to save licensing data

Problem: Due to insufficient user rights, CodeTwo Exchange Rules software cannot activate your license. During the activation, the application tries to save some important data to your disk, but returns an error, as it does not have permiss... (ID:435)

How to avoid problems while designing the footers in old versions of CodeTwo Editor

...y not be affected by the issues described below. Solution: When designing a signature in older versions of CodeTwo Exchange Rules built-in editor, you should consider points listed below. Please note, that many differences in footers a... (ID:121)

How to extend the timeout for services if they fail to start or stop

...Properties. On the General tab, change the Startup type to Automatic (Delayed Start), as shown in Fig. 2. for CodeTwo Exchange Sync. Fig. 2. Selecting the startup type of a service. How to increase the timeout value for the service sta... (ID:228)

Sent Items Update installation error

...e. The notes under the failed component will inform what needs to be done i.e. which scripts need to be pasted into the Exchange Management Shell console for the user to complete the installation manually. If you click Contact Support, the... (ID:138)