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Spoofed emails receive signatures in the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family of products

Problem: You receive emails sent by an external sender in an attempt to impersonate a user inside your organization. As a result of this spoofing attempt, they are processed by CodeTwo Exchange Rules and receive signatures and/or disclai (ID:891)

Small email text on iOS devices

Problem: On iOS devices, an email body that contains a signature inserted using one of CodeTwo’s email signature products is sometimes too small to read and requires a user to zoom in. Solution: Since iOS resizes the HTML email t (ID:656)

Signatures are not added

Problem: Signatures are not added by a program from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family. Solution: There might be several reasons for such behavior. The most probable causes and adequate solutions are described below. Missing  (ID:551)

Good practices for preparing an email signature

Problem: You are preparing email signature templates in our email signature management software and you would like to follow the best practices. This will allow you to avoid problems when designing them and using them in your communicati (ID:488)

On an iPhone device, the size of text in a signature is larger than defined

Problem: The design of your signature defines size of the text smaller than 13px. However, the iPhone devices are displaying the text larger than expected, therefore the layout of your footer may be distorted. Solution: The main r (ID:481)

How to fix common image-related problems in signatures

Problem: You experience various problems with images in email signatures, e.g. embedded pictures are not displayed in received emails, are misplaced in the message thread, or disappear when replying/forwarding. Solution: Embedded i (ID:467)

Sent Items Update thread abort exception

Problem: The Sent Items Update logs contains the following error message: Error: Error on CEmailQueueProcesingThread.Proceed function., Thread was being aborted. Solution: This behavior is a result of a bug in CodeTwo Exchan (ID:444)

CodeTwo Exchange Rules software failed to save licensing data

Problem: Due to insufficient user rights, CodeTwo Exchange Rules software cannot activate your license. During the activation, the application tries to save some important data to your disk, but returns an error, as it does not have perm (ID:435)

You are not able to resend a message updated by SIU

Problem: You cannot use a resend option for a message processed by the Sent Items Update service (SIU) of CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO or CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software. The attempt to resend the e-mail ends with the following er (ID:423)

Invalid agent assembly path

Problem: Installation of CodeTwo agent fails with "Invalid agent assembly path" error. The following or similar error event is recorded in your Application Event Viewer log file: Failed to create type 'Agent.CAgentFactoryRou (ID:373)

Transport Service does not start after installing CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software

Problem: You have just installed CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software and your MS Exchange Transport Service fails to start. Solution: The situation in which the MS Exchange Transport Service stops as a result of our software ins (ID:367)

How to avoid detecting local contacts as internal recipients

Problem The CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 1.x and CodeTwo Exchange Rules software recognizes contacts existing in Active Directory as internal recipients. In result, incorrect rules are applied to the messages. This Knowledge Base a (ID:297)

External email addresses are treated as internal

Problem: External email addresses are treated as internal by CodeTwo software. As a result, your email rule conditions do not work as expected. For example, rules designed to cover only internal users are also triggered for external use (ID:292)

An email rule is applied more than once to the same message

Problem: An email rule configured in CodeTwo software is executed twice or multiple times on a single message. As a result, users get two signatures instead of one or experience similar problems. Solution: This problem may occur in (ID:280)

Diagnosing CodeTwo Exchange Rules product family (older versions)

Problem: CodeTwo assistance is required when you experience problems with the CodeTwo Exchange Rules product family or require advanced configuration of the software. Solution: This Knowledge Base article concerns certain older ver (ID:278)

How to extend the timeout for services if they fail to start or stop

Problem: CodeTwo services cannot be started or stopped. Solution: In some environments, applications installed as Windows services may require more time to start or stop. Click on the links below to learn how to change the timeout  (ID:228)

A signature is inserted in a wrong place in a message

Problem: A signature is added in a wrong place inside the body of an email message. For example, your signature is inserted at the end of an email conversation thread instead of directly under your latest response. Solution: Incor (ID:195)

Installation of Exchange Rules 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 in non-default location

Problem: CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 has no access to files and libraries after installation in non-default location. Solution: When CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 is installed in a non-def (ID:192)

How to manually install, uninstall or temporarily disable CodeTwo Exchange Rules Transport Agent

Problem: Software products from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family process emails via a dedicated Exchange transport agent: CodeTwo Exchange Rules Transport Agent. Normally, the agent is installed automatically together with the program (ID:176)

Setting up the custom EWS address in Exchange Rules family software

The below solution is applicable only for CodeTwo Exchange Rules of versions listed in the right-hand side section "Applies to". If you are looking for similar article for CodeTwo Exchange Rules of higher versions than listed aside, please  (ID:151)

Sent Items Update installation error

Problem: If the installation of Sent Items Update module ends in errors, the following screen will display (Fig. 1): Fig.1. Dialog box in which the installer reports errors during installation of the service. Solution The erro (ID:138)

How to avoid problems while designing the footers in old versions of CodeTwo Editor

Problem: How to avoid problems while designing signatures in old versions of CodeTwo editor. This Knowledge Base article is designed to be used only with versions of the software listed in the Applies to section on the right pane. O (ID:121)

How to prevent Outlook from removing extra line breaks from emails and email signatures

Problem: An email client such as Outlook disrupts your plain text emails or email signatures by removing breaks between text lines. Solution: If you composed a plain text email (or a plain text email signature in CodeTwo software)  (ID:98)