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How to fix common image-related problems in signatures

...ired format conversion Default email format and its conversion in email clients Email format conversion/enforcement by Exchange Server Email format conversion by CodeTwo and other third-party software Images in signatures are not correctly... (ID:467)

How to add signatures only to messages sent by selected users

...e or edit an existing one. The next steps depend on your version of the Exchange Rules software. If you use CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 Choose the Scope of senders label and set the scope of senders (Fig. 1.). Click Finish and then Sa... (ID:133)

Creating the signatures in HTML, RTF and Plaintext formats

...we create the signatures in all available formats? Solution: While  attempting to leave the Template Editor in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO without creating the signature in every format, the warning window appears: in Exchange Rules 2007/2... (ID:157)

CodeTwo Exchange Rules installed on a desktop computer

Problem: How to use CodeTwo Exchange Rules installed on a desktop computer? Solution: The desktop version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules can be used in the organization where employees responsible for the maintenance of the footers added to emai... (ID:125)

Split messages not visible in OWA 2010 Sent Items folder

...n is selected in the Sent Items Update – i.e. only one sent message is visible, which is updated by one of the active rules . The remaining messages (sent to other recipients) that are updated by different rules are not visible. Solution:... (ID:190)

Understanding basic mail related terms: message header, reply separator, source code, message file

...ders or email headers) are a piece of information that is added to a message traveling through a mail server (including Exchange organizations). This information contains a message trace that allows you to check what servers the message wen... (ID:672)