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Understanding basic mail related terms: message header, reply separator, source code, message file

This article explains the differences between an internet message header, message reply separator, message source code, and message file. What is an email message header? Message headers (also known as email message internet headers o (ID:672)

How to fix common image-related problems in signatures

Problem: You experience various problems with images in email signatures, e.g. embedded pictures are not displayed in received emails, are misplaced in the message thread, or disappear when replying/forwarding. Solution: Embedded i (ID:467)

How to find the license key in CodeTwo software

Problem: You need to find the license key for your CodeTwo software. Solution: CodeTwo applications are activated to the full version by entering a 25-character license key that you receive once the order is paid for. Finding th (ID:167)

Creating the signatures in HTML, RTF and Plaintext formats

Problem: Why shall we create the signatures in all available formats? Solution: While  attempting to leave the Template Editor in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO without creating the signature in every format, the warning window appear (ID:157)

How to add signatures only to messages sent by selected users

Problem: How to add signatures only to messages sent by selected users. Solution: If you want to do this you need to add these users to the scope of senders for a given rule. Here's what has to be done: Open the Administrati (ID:133)