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Spoofed emails receive signatures in the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family of products

Problem: You receive emails sent by an external sender in an attempt to impersonate a user inside your organization. As a result of this spoofing attempt, they are processed by CodeTwo Exchange Rules and receive signatures and/or disclai (ID:891)

Installing CodeTwo products on Windows Server 2016

Problem: After a successful installation of CodeTwo software (listed in the Applies to section on the right) on Windows Server 2016, you cannot launch the program from the Start menu. It’s not possible to expand the CodeTwo folder that (ID:661)

Small email text on iOS devices

Problem: On iOS devices, an email body that contains a signature inserted using one of CodeTwo’s email signature products is sometimes too small to read and requires a user to zoom in. Solution: Since iOS resizes the HTML email t (ID:656)

Good practices for preparing an email signature

Problem: You are preparing email signature templates in our email signature management software and you would like to follow the best practices. This will allow you to avoid problems when designing them and using them in your communicati (ID:488)

How to fix common image-related problems in signatures

Problem: You experience various problems with images in email signatures, e.g. embedded pictures are not displayed in received emails, are misplaced in the message thread, or disappear when replying/forwarding. Solution: Embedded i (ID:467)

You are not able to resend a message updated by SIU

Problem: You cannot use a resend option for a message processed by the Sent Items Update service (SIU) of CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO or CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software. The attempt to resend the e-mail ends with the following er (ID:423)

External email addresses are treated as internal

Problem: External email addresses are treated as internal by CodeTwo software. As a result, your email rule conditions do not work as expected. For example, rules designed to cover only internal users are also triggered for external use (ID:292)

Diagnosing CodeTwo Exchange Rules product family (older versions)

Problem: CodeTwo assistance is required when you experience problems with the CodeTwo Exchange Rules product family or require advanced configuration of the software. Solution: This Knowledge Base article concerns certain older ver (ID:278)

A signature is inserted in a wrong place in a message

Problem: A signature is added in a wrong place inside the body of an email message. For example, your signature is inserted at the end of an email conversation thread instead of directly under your latest response. Solution: Incor (ID:195)

Error: Failed to create empty document

Problem: When starting the Editor in Exchange Rules 2003 / 2007 / 2010, the following error message appears: Failed to create empty document. Solution: The problem is related to a conflict between the default printer and the M (ID:179)

Messages sent to distribution groups are received without signatures.

Problem: There are no signatures in messages sent to distribution groups. Solution: If messages sent to a distribution group are received without signatures from CodeTwo Exchange Rules, make sure this group is set up to send deliv (ID:130)

How to prevent Outlook from removing extra line breaks from emails and email signatures

Problem: An email client such as Outlook disrupts your plain text emails or email signatures by removing breaks between text lines. Solution: If you composed a plain text email (or a plain text email signature in CodeTwo software)  (ID:98)

Installation of CodeTwo Exchange Rules and GDI dll error

Problem: An installation process of CodeTwo Exchange Rules may be stopped due to the following error:   Fig. 1. Error caused by a missing dll. Solution: This is due to GDUplus.dll file missing on the computer. If you are exper (ID:72)

How to correctly edit the HTML code of a signature containing email addresses and links

Problem: Your message contains a signature that includes Active Directory placeholders with email addresses or web page references, and these placeholders are linked (Fig. 1.). These links disappear if someone replies to or forwards the (ID:66)

How to set the correct image size in your email signature for different email clients and devices

Problem: You would like to ensure that the image inserted in the signature template is displayed in the correct size across different email clients and devices. Solution: The easiest possible method is to always insert an image in  (ID:46)

Manual installation of Event Sink for CodeTwo Exchange Rules

Problem:  Instalation of the CodeTwo Exchange Rules software finished with errors. Solution:  Download and copy the files below to the installation folder of CodeTwo Exchange Rules (by default, C:\Program Files\CodeTwo\Exch (ID:42)

Detailed logging level in CodeTwo Exchange Rules

Problem: You need to change the logging level in CodeTwo Exchange Rules to detailed. Solution: If the program deviates from its intended behavior, you may be asked to set the logging level to Detailed by the Technical Support. To c (ID:31)

Program sees outgoing messages as internal and does not add footers

Problem: Footers are not added to outgoing messages and the program logs them as internal mail. CodeTwo Exchange Rules classifies mail on the basis of message properties that point to the target domain. Occasionally, the program retriev (ID:16)