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Free/Busy status migration

Problem: Does CodeTwo Exchange  Migration or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration software migrate Free/Busy status? Solution: The Free/busy info is a feature of MS Exchange Server provided by Availability Service. This is not something that is m... (ID:354)

CodeTwo Reseller Panel: frequently asked questions (FAQ)

...oftware screenshots? Where can I find product videos? How to get free Not for Resale (NFR) licenses? How to get CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro and custom signatures for internal use? When can I renew a license key or support contract, or buy m... (ID:810)

What happens to my emails after migration if the source and target domains are different the source environment to the new one. Check out Microsoft documentation on how to add a new domain to Office 365 or Exchange on-premises for more information. Important If you are about to transfer a domain between two Office 365 tena... (ID:742)

Migrating default Outlook folders

...Folders like Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, Calendar, Contacts, etc. are the default folders used in users’ mailboxes in Exchange and Outlook. These folders have the WellKnownFolderName property that allows them to be identified regardless o... (ID:712)

Does CodeTwo migration software support delta pass migrations?

Problem: Does CodeTwo Exchange Migration or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration support "delta pass" migrations? Solution: Our migration software has a built-in feature that checks if an already migrated mailbox received any new items. Simply... (ID:333)

How to set up DNS records properly for a migration

...orest but in different site. There are many possible migration scenarios - see a description of some of them in CodeTwo Exchange Migration user's manual. Please review the whole article below before you start applying any changes. The bott... (ID:524)

Missing MAPI profile

...API profiles e.g. with MFCMAPI tool run under User-B. You may stumble upon this problem for example, when using CodeTwo Exchange Migration or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. Suppose you configured a MAPI source server connection to use a diff... (ID:522)