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How to fix common image-related problems in signatures

...ired format conversion Default email format and its conversion in email clients Email format conversion/enforcement by Exchange Server Email format conversion by CodeTwo and other third-party software Images in signatures are not correctly... (ID:467)

CodeTwo Reseller Panel: frequently asked questions (FAQ)

...oftware screenshots? Where can I find product videos? How to get free Not for Resale (NFR) licenses? How to get CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro and custom signatures for internal use? When can I renew a license key or support contract, or buy m... (ID:810)

How signatures are added to emails sent as / sent on behalf of other users are added by assigning appropriate delegate rights (Send As / Send on Behalf) to user mailboxes in your Office 365 / Exchange organization. Use the links below to learn more. What are delegate rights in Exchange and Office 365? How to s... (ID:710)

Using Microsoft Planner with CodeTwo software

...a dedicated signature for Planner messages requires taking the following two steps: Configure a transport rule in the Exchange admin center Configure a signature rule in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 Additionally, you can creat... (ID:641)

How to add a placeholder based image

...he {Photo} placeholder instead. Learn more in the editor's manual for: CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 CodeTwo Exchange Rules family of products Once you upload all images, please follow the steps below: Open Administration Pan... (ID:581)

Understanding basic mail related terms: message header, reply separator, source code, message file

...ders or email headers) are a piece of information that is added to a message traveling through a mail server (including Exchange organizations). This information contains a message trace that allows you to check what servers the message wen... (ID:672)

Message recall in Outlook & CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 correctly, the following conditions need to be met: Both the recipient and the sender need to belong to the same Exchange organization. Both the recipient and the sender need to use Outlook. If the recipient uses Outlook on the web (... (ID:811)

Supported platforms and requirements

...anel Required permissions: Microsoft 365 global admin rights. Requirements: Microsoft 365 (Office 365) plans with Exchange Online (access to Exchange Online transport rules is required; F1 and Kiosk plans are also supported). Info T...