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How to configure Exchange Server to automatically convert RTF messages to the HTML format

Problem: You need to configure an Exchange server so that messages to external recipients (i.e. recipients outside your organization) are never sent in the RTF format. You want the RTF messages to be automatically converted to HTML instead.... (ID:80)

How to fix common image-related problems in signatures

...ired format conversion Default email format and its conversion in email clients Email format conversion/enforcement by Exchange Server Email format conversion by CodeTwo and other third-party software Images in signatures are not correctly... (ID:467)

How to include vCards as QR codes in email signatures

Problem: You would like to insert a vCard as a QR code in an email signature added by CodeTwo software. You want to have this QR code personalized so that every user has their individual vCard added to their signature. Solution: The vCard s... (ID:256)

How to set impersonation rights manually

...account. Solution: Use the links below to learn how to add impersonation rights to your admin account via: PowerShell Exchange admin center (applies to Exchange 2013 , 2016, 2019, and Office 365 only). Add impersonation rights using Powe... (ID:285)

How to add dynamically changing image links to emails

...or guidelines. Current versions of CodeTwo software Older versions and products - see this section if you use CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 1.x, CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 3.x, 2010 2.x, 2013 1.x, or CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clien... (ID:201)

Create an RBAC-compliant account for CodeTwo Software

...ftware listed on the right (in the Applies to section) requires credentials to a user account on the target on-premises Exchange Server that meets the following criteria: AD user account is active with UPN address assigned, the account is... (ID:517)

How to remove spacing between e-mail body and signature

...nature. Solution: Here are the most common reasons to such a behavior: Please keep in mind, that editor used in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2.x, CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 4.x, 2010 3.x and 2013 2.x accepts only lowercase tags (e.g. span),... (ID:455)

3 steps to correct message encoding in emails

...e solved. All regional characters will be correctly displayed, regardless of the encoding settings. Applies to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 1.x | 2010 1.x and 2.x | 2007 2.x and 3.x, and CodeTwo Signatures for Email Clients If you designed... (ID:241)

How to set the RemoteDomain parameters to force email format in Exchange Text or RTF messages. You experience this format conversion also in the case of HTML signatures composed in CodeTwo Exchange Rules , CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro or CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. Solution: There may be multiple r... (ID:84)

How to globally enforce UTF-8 encoding for OWA

Problem: You would like to globally enforce UTF-8 encoding for your Outlook Web App. Solution: Exchange Online (Office 365) As of July 2016, it is not possible to globally enforce a specific encoding for OWA in Office 365. Exchange Server o... (ID:343)

How to use a font type or size that is not included on the font list of the signature editor

..., you can access the source code view by clicking the Source button on the toolbar (Fig. 1.). In the Editor of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2.x or CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 1.x, click the HTML button at the bottom of the window. In the Editor... (ID:62)

How to delete OWA (Outlook on the web) signatures in Microsoft Exchange

...OWA (Outlook on the web) signatures of multiple or individual users. Info The solution below only applies to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, 2013 , 2016, 2019 and Microsoft Exchange Online (Microsoft 365). Solution: Important Before runni... (ID:377)

Disable Outlook on the web (OWA) signatures

This article applies to Exchange Server 2013 , 2016, 2019, and Exchange Online (Office 365). For older versions of Exchange Server, i.e. 2007 and 2010, see this article. Problem: You would like to prevent users from creating individual Outlo... (ID:535)

Track link clicks in email signatures

...ions of our software. If you use a current version, see the user's manual of your product for more information: CodeTwo Exchange Rules | CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro | CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 Problem: You want to track users'... (ID:499)

Setting global encoding for outgoing messages at the server level

...for the Outlook version used by your users, download it from the Microsoft download website:​​ Office 2016 Office 2013 Office 2007 Office 2010 or search for one on Microsoft Download website. Open the Group Policy Editor. To do so,... (ID:77)

How to disable adding signatures created in OWA for Exchange users

This article applies to older versions of Exchange Server - Exchange 2007 and 2010. For newer versions of Exchange Server and Exchange Online (Office 365) see this article. Problem: How to disable adding signatures created in OWA for Exchan... (ID:65)

How to insert individual vCard links into email signatures this: Download vCard Learn how to insert URLs to signatures in: CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 CodeTwo Exchange Rules family of products CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients and older versions of CodeTwo programs To... (ID:207)

CodeTwo services do not start

...tically after the system restart would not start. Applies to: Any service-based CodeTwo software. For problems with MS Exchange Transport service in connection to CodeTwo Exchange Rules family products please consult this article. Solut... (ID:385)

How to create a footer with text written from right-to-left as in Hebrew or Arabic

...ting your signature using the built-in Editor. On the HTML tab, click the source code view button. Fig. 1. CodeTwo Exchange Rules signature editor. Locate all containers (like paragraphs - tags) and modify them by adding dir=rtl at... (ID:109)

How to set the format of date and time placeholders

...on (e.g. dd) stands for a part of the date, which is then converted to a real date when your message goes through the Exchange Server. The following list describes all parts of example shown above: yyyy - the year as four-digit number,... (ID:500)

How to use multi-line notes in signatures and disclaimers

...n your signatures and disclaimers. Such fields may be used to present your opening hours and many more. Solution On the Exchange Server simply open Active Directory Users and Computers tool, then navigate to the user you want to add notes... (ID:439)

How to solve font-related problems in email signatures

...ure. See this article if you are using CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 or this article if you are using CodeTwo Exchange Rules to learn how to access the HTML source view in the Editor. In the HTML source code, find an element (e.g... (ID:708)

Display language of the AD field "Country"

...ode – the country code for the user's language of choice, e.g. 840. When filling the {Country} placeholder, CodeTwo Exchange Rules uses the co attribute. To modify that attribute, follow these steps: Open Active Directory Users and... (ID:474)

How to add new Active Directory fields to the Editor of CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients

This article is meant for users of CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients. This software has been discontinued. If your organization uses Office 365, check out CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. Problem How to enable CodeTwo Email... (ID:457)

How to avoid problems while designing the footers in old versions of CodeTwo Editor

...y not be affected by the issues described below. Solution: When designing a signature in older versions of CodeTwo Exchange Rules built-in editor, you should consider points listed below. Please note, that many differences in footers a... (ID:121)

How to make sure CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients supports TLS 1.2

...Server 2008) have TLS 1.2 disabled or do not support it at all. The article shows how to ensure your Windows Server and Exchange Server version supports TLS 1.2.... (ID:767)

Diagnosing CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients

...ur MS Windows version on the server as well as on workstations, do you have a domain controller on site, do you have MS Exchange Server on premises (what version), do you use Exchange Online, if so: what plans of Office 365 do you have, is... (ID:298)

How to extend the timeout for services if they fail to start or stop

...Properties. On the General tab, change the Startup type to Automatic (Delayed Start), as shown in Fig. 2. for CodeTwo Exchange Sync. Fig. 2. Selecting the startup type of a service. How to increase the timeout value for the service sta... (ID:228)