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How to fix problems related to the primary SMTP address in CodeTwo software

...SMTP address in the Mailbox matching step (Fig. 1.). Fig. 1. Providing the target mailbox address manually in CodeTwo Exchange Migration. The primary SMTP address may change automatically when you implement a new Email Address Policy or c... (ID:681)

Troubleshooting problems with unavailable Exchange Web Services

Problem: While using CodeTwo software, your migration or backup job fails with the following error message: Exchange Web Services are not currently available for this request because none of the Client Access Servers in the destination sit... (ID:797)

OneNote synchronization problems after restoring a backup

...ibrary settings (Fig. 2.). Fig. 2. Accessing the library settings in SharePoint Online. SharePoint Server 2016 and 2013 (and classic SharePoint site view): click Library on the ribbon, and then click Library Settings (Fig. 3.). Fig... (ID:806)

How to resolve an internal server error in CodeTwo Backup and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration

Problem: You are unable to restore or migrate data to the selected Microsoft 365 (Office 365) mailbox. You get the following error: An internal server error occurred. The operation failed. or Unable to upload item - [Item ID]. Error: An i... (ID:887)

Error related to deserializing object graph some scenarios, especially when you are trying to: Import rules configuration file of a very large size in CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro Error: The formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize the m... (ID:498)

Troubleshooting impersonation rights error

...n to impersonate the requested user. A similar error may also occur when using the Sent Items Update feature in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro. Solution: This issue can be related to: EWS throttling in Exchange insufficient impersonation permi... (ID:799)

Finding large items in Exchange mailboxes

Problem: You want to find and list the largest items in Exchange  mailboxes. Solution: This article helps you list the largest items in mailboxes. This knowledge can be useful in various circumstances. For example, you want to migrate an E... (ID:440)

How to fix problems related to remote PowerShell connections

Problem: Due to various PowerShell errors, you cannot configure a server connection to the target on-premises Exchange environment in your CodeTwo software. You may encounter one of the following errors: Connecting to remote server failed... (ID:824)

How to make sure CodeTwo Backup supports TLS 1.2

...fice 365 that does not support TLS 1.2. You are not able to configure a connection to Office 365 (Failed to connect to Exchange Server) You are not able to select Office 365 public folders to be backed up or restored Your Office 365 backup... (ID:762)

Troubleshooting CodeTwo license status verification issue

...vailable licenses. Use the links below for instructions specific to your product: CodeTwo Backup CodeTwo Office 365 / Exchange Migration CodeTwo Backup Close the Administration Panel of CodeTwo Backup. Go to Control Panel > Administrati... (ID:828)

Office 365 group mailboxes are not being backed up mind that the user who will be assigned the owner or member role needs to have a mailbox, i.e. you need to assign an Exchange Online license to that user. Once you assign an owner or member to the group, you will be able to back up the g... (ID:803)

Microsoft 365 sign-in screen appears blank when configuring a connection to Exchange Online

Problem: When configuring a connection to Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online) in CodeTwo backup or migration software, the Microsoft sign-in screen is not displayed correctly (blank screen is shown) and you cannot enter your credentials. This i... (ID:915)

Error: The specified object was not found in the store

...the store. Can't connect to the mailbox of user Mailbox database guid: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx because the ExchangePrincipal object contains outdated information. The mailbox may have been moved recently. Solution: This error m... (ID:779)

Troubleshooting CodeTwo certificate validation problems

...with a link to download the latest version of your product. Use the links below to learn more about updating: CodeTwo Exchange Migration CodeTwo Office 365 Migration CodeTwo Backup Once you complete the update, there shouldn’t be any p... (ID:759)

How to connect CodeTwo products to Azure Germany cloud services

...ges will not affect the rest of your environment. First, you need to get one of the valid IP addresses that points to Exchange servers hosted in Azure Germany which can handle PowerShell and EWS requests. To do so, open the command prompt... (ID:634)

Mailboxes are not backed up due to ID mismatch

Problem: While running an Exchange backup job in CodeTwo Backup, some mailboxes fail to back up and you receive the following message: Failed to back up mailbox '' because its ID doesn’t match the ID of the mailbox existing in the storag... (ID:815)

Moving installation of CodeTwo Backup to another machine

...tance of the program In CodeTwo Backup Administration Panel, go to the Storages tab, and archive all storages (or only Exchange /SharePoint data) that you want to move (Fig. 1.). Fig. 1. Archiving an existing storage. Once the archive... (ID:519)

CodeTwo products with TLS 1.2 support released

Starting October 31, 2018, the support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions 1.0 and 1.1 is discontinued in Office 365. This means that TLS 1.0 and 1.1 will still work, but Microsoft will not provide support in case of connection/compatibility issues. For this reason, we have updated all our software that connects to or otherwise [...]