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How to create public folders in Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

Problem: You need to manually enable public folders in Exchange Server 2010, 2013 , 2016, 2019 or Exchange Online (Office 365). Solution: To enable public folders, you have to create an empty public folder tree. If you are using CodeTwo Exch... (ID:289)

Changing message size limits

Problem: You would like to change the message size limit, set on your target Exchange Server. This may be helpful when uploading large items via Exchange Web Services (EWS). EWS is used by selected CodeTwo products such as migration or back... (ID:284)

How the Exchange throttling policy impacts CodeTwo software

This article discusses the concept of throttling and how the Exchange throttling policy affects the performance of CodeTwo software. In addition, it provides instructions on how to manage throttling policies in Exchange . What is throttling?... (ID:283)

How to set impersonation rights manually

...account. Solution: Use the links below to learn how to add impersonation rights to your admin account via: PowerShell Exchange admin center (applies to Exchange 2013 , 2016, 2019, and Office 365 only). Add impersonation rights using Powe... (ID:285)

How to grant full access control to public folders

...anually granted the Full control permission to the root public folders tree. The solution depends on your environment: Exchange Server 2013 , 2016, 2019 and Exchange Online Exchange Server 2010 Info If you don’t have any public folders... (ID:658)

Create an RBAC-compliant account for CodeTwo Software

...ftware listed on the right (in the Applies to section) requires credentials to a user account on the target on-premises Exchange Server that meets the following criteria: AD user account is active with UPN address assigned, the account is... (ID:517)

How to change the versioning settings in SharePoint

.... 2.). Fig. 2. Accessing the versioning settings for a library in SharePoint Online. 2b. SharePoint Server 2016 and 2013 : Click List or Library on the ribbon, and then click List Settings or Library Settings (Fig. 3.). Fig. 3. Acce... (ID:755)

How to check if my environment is hybrid? in your local AD. Instead, you need to create or edit your objects locally and synchronize the changes afterwards. Exchange Hybrid If you are running a local Exchange server environment, you can also connect it with your Office 365 ten... (ID:859)

How to register CodeTwo applications in Azure AD

...zure Active Directory tenant. Solution: CodeTwo Backup (starting version 2.3.x). CodeTwo Office 365 Migration / CodeTwo Exchange Migration (starting version 3.2.x) and the Sent Items Update service in CodeTwo Exchange Rules family of softwa... (ID:840)

How to create an account that can be used to back up SharePoint data

...cessary roles and privileges to back up and restore data from: SharePoint Online on-premises SharePoint Server 2016 or 2013 How to create an admin account to back up and restore SharePoint Online data Log in to Office 365 portal as a gl... (ID:730)

How to find the EWS URL and how to test it

Problem: You want to know the URL of Exchange Web Services (EWS). Solution: Finding the EWS URL on a client access server Finding the EWS URL by using the configuration of Web Services Virtual Directory Testing the EWS URL Finding the EWS... (ID:429)

How to retain folder permissions after restoring/migrating public folders with CodeTwo software

Problem: You want to restore/migrate public folders to another Exchange environment by using CodeTwo Backup or CodeTwo migration software. At the same time, you want to keep the same folder permissions as configured on your source environme... (ID:780)

How to check the location of an Office 365 tenant and Office 365 mailboxes

...the location of your Office 365 tenant in the Microsoft 365 admin center (Office 365 admin center) or by accessing your Exchange Online via PowerShell and executing appropriate cmdlets. Exchange Online cmdlets will also let you find out the... (ID:669)

How to allow PowerShell to connect to Exchange Server over IP address

Problem: You need to be able to connect with PowerShell to your on-premises Exchange Server by using its IP address instead of its FQDN or hostname. Solution: In order to allow PowerShell to connect remotely over an IP address, PowerShell... (ID:601)

How to make sure CodeTwo Backup supports TLS 1.2

...fice 365 that does not support TLS 1.2. You are not able to configure a connection to Office 365 (Failed to connect to Exchange Server) You are not able to select Office 365 public folders to be backed up or restored Your Office 365 backup... (ID:762)

How to export public folders to a PST file

...public folder data to a PST file by using CodeTwo Backup. Solution: CodeTwo Backup fully supports exporting backed-up Exchange data, including public folders, to PST files. This can be achieved by following the steps below: Important If... (ID:751)

How to use connections created by other users in CodeTwo Backup

...other users. This is the program’s safety mechanism, used to prevent unauthorized users from accessing data from your Exchange or SharePoint servers (by backing them up using these server connections). Users can still use any server conne... (ID:877)

How to import PST files to Outlook despite errors

...because of the applied security settings, hidden system files, or compatibility issues between different versions of Exchange servers (including Exchange Online) and Outlook, especially if you're using Outlook add-ins. When importing Out... (ID:822)

How to split an existing storage into smaller ones in CodeTwo Backup

Problem: Due to the growing volume of Exchange and SharePoint data kept in a single storage in CodeTwo Backup, you need to split that storage into a few smaller ones. Solution: To divide a storage into smaller ones, you need to create a ne... (ID:769)

How to connect CodeTwo products to Azure Germany cloud services

...ges will not affect the rest of your environment. First, you need to get one of the valid IP addresses that points to Exchange servers hosted in Azure Germany which can handle PowerShell and EWS requests. To do so, open the command prompt... (ID:634)

How to remove unnecessary mailboxes from a backup storage

Problem: After creating a backup of your Exchange or Office 365 mailboxes using CodeTwo Backup, you want to delete one or more unnecessary mailboxes from the backup storage. This may be required by your legal team to help you stay complian... (ID:682)

Moving installation of CodeTwo Backup to another machine

...tance of the program In CodeTwo Backup Administration Panel, go to the Storages tab, and archive all storages (or only Exchange /SharePoint data) that you want to move (Fig. 1.). Fig. 1. Archiving an existing storage. Once the archive... (ID:519)

CodeTwo products with TLS 1.2 support released

Starting October 31, 2018, the support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions 1.0 and 1.1 is discontinued in Office 365. This means that TLS 1.0 and 1.1 will still work, but Microsoft will not provide support in case of connection/compatibility issues. For this reason, we have updated all our software that connects to or otherwise [...]