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How to manually install, uninstall or temporarily disable CodeTwo Exchange Rules Transport Agent

...Two Exchange Rules \CodeTwo.ER.Agent.dll" Enable-TransportAgent -Identity "CodeTwo Exchange Rules " If you use CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 1.x: Install-TransportAgent -Name "CodeTwoExchangeRules " -TransportAgentFactory "ExchangeRulesAgent ... (ID:176)

Signatures are not added

Problem: Signatures are not added by a program from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family. Solution: There might be several reasons for such behavior. The most probable causes and adequate solutions are described below. Missing component in a... (ID:551)

Transport Service does not start after installing CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software

...tware installation is extremely rare and is always caused by one of the following reasons: You have installed CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 or PRO on MS Exchange Server 2013 with Service Pack 1 (SP1/CU4). Applying MS fix for Exchange or upg... (ID:367)

An email rule is applied more than once to the same message Fig. 1. The Stop processing next rules option in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 (top window) and in the Exchange Rules software family (bottom window). If you prefer to have your CodeTwo software configured in such a way tha... (ID:280)

Problems installing CodeTwo agent on Exchange 2013 CU11

..., hence CodeTwo software failure during agent installation. CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO (and newer) and CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 (and newer) are already implemented a software-side solution to this problem. Keep in mind... (ID:521)

CodeTwo and Exchange 2013 SP1

...spite server reboot or manual start attempt after installation. the installer of CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO or CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 fails to install CodeTwo Transport Agent. Manual agent installation from Exchange Management Shell r... (ID:369)

How to fix common image-related problems in signatures

...ired format conversion Default email format and its conversion in email clients Email format conversion/enforcement by Exchange Server Email format conversion by CodeTwo and other third-party software Images in signatures are not correctly... (ID:467)

Addressing exceeded quota problem in Exchange Server

Problem: You have been reported the following error in Exchange Sync logs: Error: Failed to copy an item "" to folder "". Failed to save changes. MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED(0x80004005). Solution: If you see this error logged by CodeTwo Exchange S... (ID:497)

Agent installation problems

Problem: CodeTwo Transport Agent cannot be implemented when installing CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2 or CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family. Solution: There may be two possible reasons and solutions to this problem: You may be affected by a bu... (ID:441)

Installation of Exchange Rules 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 in non-default location

Problem: CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 has no access to files and libraries after installation in non-default location. Solution: When CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013  is installed in a non-default loca... (ID:192)

External email addresses are treated as internal senders only, you can achieve this by excluding internal senders. Guidelines for users of older versions of CodeTwo Exchange Rules (Pro) If you use an older version of CodeTwo software, the available options might look slightly differen... (ID:292)

Drag and Drop not working in Outlook

Problem: You are not able to copy or move any Outlook items by dragging and dropping. Solution: As far as we know, this is a software bug that occurs in all versions of Outlook, and it is not related to CodeTwo or any other third-party soft... (ID:542)

Using CodeTwo software with Click-to-Run versions of Microsoft Outlook

Problem: You are not able to install CodeTwo software and you receive the following error message: Outlook not detected or No supported version of Microsoft Outlook detected. Install Microsoft Outlook and retry. even though MS Outlook i... (ID:330)

Diagnosing CodeTwo Exchange Rules product family (older versions)

Problem: CodeTwo assistance is required when you experience problems with the CodeTwo Exchange Rules product family or require advanced configuration of the software. Solution: This Knowledge Base article concerns certain older versions of... (ID:278)

How to use Journaling together with CodeTwo Exchange Rules

Problem: How to use Journaling together with CodeTwo Exchange Rules ? Solution: CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007, 2010 and Pro feature the Sent Items Update service, which allows end-user to view changes made to messages by the programs on Exch... (ID:171)

How to prevent Outlook from removing extra line breaks from emails and email signatures


Adjusting the maximum number of open objects that a MAPI client can use at the same time

Problem: You experience problems related to Exchange Server limitations. Click the links below to learn more and get solutions. You are having problems when synchronizing big sets of changes (>250) You are not able to synchronize more than... (ID:137)

Detailed logging level in CodeTwo Exchange Rules

Problem: You need to change the logging level in CodeTwo Exchange Rules to detailed. Solution: If the program deviates from its intended behavior, you may be asked to set the logging level to Detailed by the Technical Support. To change the... (ID:31)

How to check if there is Hub Transport role installed on server Exchange 2007 or 2010

Problem: How to check if there is Hub Transport role installed on server Exchange 2007 or 2010? Solution: CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 and CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 should be installed on a computer with the Exchange Server 2007 / 2010 Hub... (ID:63)

Sent Items Update troubleshooting

Problem: The Sent Items Update service (SIU) in CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software, including CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2.x, cannot properly connect with Exchange Web Services (EWS). As a result, signatures are not being included in... (ID:383)

Manual installation of Event Sink for CodeTwo Exchange Rules

Problem:  Instalation of the CodeTwo Exchange Rules software finished with errors. Solution:  Download and copy the files below to the installation folder of CodeTwo Exchange Rules (by default, C:\Program Files\CodeTwo\ExchangeRules ). R... (ID:42)

A signature is inserted in a wrong place in a message the signature template editor. To learn how to do that, see: this manual - if you use software from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family this manual - if you use CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. If the setting in the editor a... (ID:195)

How to fix problems with importing CodeTwo Exchange Rules settings the structure of this configuration file is changed. This is what happened, for example, with the release of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro version 2.6 (and the corresponding Exchange Rules Family products) which introduced improved Access R... (ID:561)

Program sees outgoing messages as internal and does not add footers

Problem: Footers are not added to outgoing messages and the program logs them as internal mail. CodeTwo Exchange Rules classifies mail on the basis of message properties that point to the target domain. Occasionally, the program retrieves... (ID:16)

How to set the correct image size in your email signature for different email clients and devices

...ble method is to always insert an image in the desired size, so it does not require applying any additional HTML or CSS rules to work correctly. However, if for some reason you want to use a large image and then scale it down (e.g. to achie... (ID:46)

How to fix problems related to the primary SMTP address in CodeTwo software

...SMTP address in the Mailbox matching step (Fig. 1.). Fig. 1. Providing the target mailbox address manually in CodeTwo Exchange Migration. The primary SMTP address may change automatically when you implement a new Email Address Policy or c... (ID:681)

How to make sure CodeTwo Exchange Rules supports TLS 1.2 in hybrid environments

...t in case of connection or compatibility issues. This article explains how to ensure that the software from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family supports TLS 1.2 for communication with Office 365 in hybrid environments, where mailboxes are sto... (ID:765)

How to configure smart host (mail relay) services to work with CodeTwo software

...Email Azure Service first After our services are deployed and fully configured in your Office 365 tenant, an additional Exchange Online outbound connector, controlled by a dedicated transport rule, is created. Such a setup is responsible fo... (ID:626)

Synchronization of public folders after changing the account used for the Synchronization Service

Problem: How to synchronize public folders after you change the account used by the Synchronization Service of CodeTwo Exchange Sync. Solution: The most frequent cause of an erroneous synchronization between personal folders and public fold... (ID:143)

How to troubleshoot issues with signatures not added to emails in Office 365

...he Admin Panel's Dashboard or Tenants tab and click the Manage tenant () button next to the name of your tenant. Select Exchange Online connectors in the left menu and click Configure connectors. Then, follow the steps described in the user... (ID:618)

Installed add-in not visible in Microsoft Outlook

...add-in is not listed among the disabled items. Deleting the extend.dat file If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2013 , skip this part and go to section Check the Disabled Items. To remove extend.dat, follow these steps: Close Outl... (ID:7)

Messages sent to distribution groups are received without signatures. distribution groups. Solution: If messages sent to a distribution group are received without signatures from CodeTwo Exchange Rules , make sure this group is set up to send delivery reports to message originator. To do so, please follow... (ID:130)

Troubleshooting problems with connection to Exchange Rules services

Problem: The Administration Panel is not able to connect to the Exchange Rules Service, and you get various errors. Solution: Use the links below to learn about the most common problems and how to solve them. Connection to the Exchange Ru... (ID:785)

How to check if CodeTwo Exchange Rules Engine service is published in ADSI Edit

Problem: You need to check if the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Service is registered in ADSI Edit. This might be useful when troubleshooting some very specific issues in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro and CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software. Sol... (ID:452)

Invalid agent assembly path

...t Viewer log file: Failed to create type 'Agent.CAgentFactoryRouting' from assembly 'E:\Program Files\CodeTwo\CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro\CodeTwo.ER.Agent.dll' due to error 'Invalid agent assembly path.'.Microsoft.Exchange .Data.ExchangeCon ... (ID:373)

Error: Method not found

Problem: You find the following error in the Event Viewer logs (in the Application branch) or in the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro and CodeTwo Exchange Rules family agent log files: Method not found: 'Void Microsoft.Exchange .Data.Transport.Em... (ID:573)

Messages from Apple devices and mobile devices are sent in plain text

...e HTML signatures added to Apple devices and mobile devices, you can force email format conversion: If you use CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, you can use the Force email format action or force an email format directly on your Exchange Serv... (ID:438)

Sharing with CodeTwo Public Folders folder that is currently shared with Exchange Server

...s you with an error message in the status window as below: Fig. 1. An error that occurs while attempting to share an Exchange folder. Solution: The error in question is displayed when you share with CodeTwo Public Folders an Outlook fold... (ID:154)

Signature preview not working in Outlook you installed (you don’t need to disable the add-ins that are installed by default by Microsoft, such as Microsoft Exchange Add-in) and then enable them again one by one. Remember to restart Outlook after re-enabling each add-in and ch... (ID:670)

Emails sent via SMTP are not routed correctly when you use a smart host service

...s. Follow the steps below. Log in to your Microsoft 365 admin center (Office 365 admin center). Go to Admin centers, Exchange  to access your Exchange admin center (EAC). Select mail flow from the left menu, and open the connectors tab... (ID:643)

How to avoid detecting local contacts as internal recipients

Problem The CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 1.x and CodeTwo Exchange Rules  software recognizes contacts existing in Active Directory as internal recipients. In result, incorrect rules are applied to the messages. This Knowledge Base article... (ID:297)

Setting up the custom EWS address in Exchange Rules family software

The below solution is applicable only for CodeTwo Exchange Rules of versions listed in the right-hand side section "Applies to". If you are looking for similar article for CodeTwo Exchange Rules of higher versions than listed aside, please... (ID:151)

The Server Monitor is not working about the most common problems and recommended solutions. Servers are not listed due to security settings CodeTwo Exchange Rules services are not registered in ADSI Edit Servers are not listed due to security settings If your Exchang... (ID:807)

How to fix problems with the migration of public folders (quota exceeded)

...lit feature otherwise or to manually redirect migration to additional public folder mailbox. The above is a standard Exchange Online behavior and, as of June 2017, it is not possible to override it. Learn more about the AutoSplit proces... (ID:483)

How to fix problems with message headers in Office 365

...n: You might have encountered a recent Office 365 service health issue in which EOP is unable to strip the X-Microsoft-Exchange -Diagnostics-untrusted header from your messages. This leads to oversized message headers and thus prevents mess... (ID:617)

A disclaimer is added twice to an email

Problem: You use an Exchange Online transport rule to add disclaimers to emails and CodeTwo software to add signatures. You noticed that the same disclaimer is added more than once (usually twice) to each message. Solution: When you use C... (ID:731)

Incorrect address or SOAP action

Problem: The CodeTwo Exchange Rules Service (of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro or CodeTwo Exchange Rules ) does not start. An error window might appear (Fig. 1.), with the following message: There was no endpoint listening at http://localhost... (ID:428)

Diagnosing CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software (newer versions)

Problem: CodeTwo assistance is required with your CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software problems or advanced configuration. Solution: Follow the steps below to collect all diagnostics: This Knowledge Base article is designed to use with la... (ID:479)

How to avoid proxy-related issues when using the Sent Items Update service

...failed. The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required. Fig. 1. The error visible in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2. Solution Firstly, please check if the account used for Sent Items Update service is allowed to go... (ID:470)

How to fix problems with emails encrypted by Azure RMS

...roblem is related to the conflict between the Office 365 and the Azure RMS encryption services, you need to: Open your Exchange admin center. Choose mail flow from the left menu and go to the rules tab. Find the Exchange Online transport r... (ID:671)

Using Microsoft Planner with CodeTwo software

...a dedicated signature for Planner messages requires taking the following two steps: Configure a transport rule in the Exchange admin center Configure a signature rule in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 Additionally, you can creat... (ID:641)

Troubleshooting problems with unavailable Exchange Web Services

Problem: While using CodeTwo software, your migration or backup job fails with the following error message: Exchange Web Services are not currently available for this request because none of the Client Access Servers in the destination sit... (ID:797)

Troubleshooting CodeTwo migration software

The first thing for you to do when troubleshooting the CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration software is to make sure that the program was installed and configured properly and your environment is prepared for migratio... (ID:286)

How to exclude a public folder from migration

Problem: You would like to exclude a specific public folder from migration when using CodeTwo Exchange Migration or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. Solution: Unfortunately, there is no such option in CodeTwo migration software that would allo... (ID:544)

Good practices for preparing an email signature

...low the links below to learn how to convert signature templates in: CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365, CodeTwo Exchange Rules family of products. Use tables with separate cells for different elements, e.g. images, text, or placeh... (ID:488)

Troubleshooting problems with emails and email signatures on mobile devices

...the default behavior in all recent versions of the iOS operating system. Luckily, if you use software from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family, you can bring these pictures back via a dedicated action: Restore images removed by iPhone and iP... (ID:683)

OneNote synchronization problems after restoring a backup

...ibrary settings (Fig. 2.). Fig. 2. Accessing the library settings in SharePoint Online. SharePoint Server 2016 and 2013 (and classic SharePoint site view): click Library on the ribbon, and then click Library Settings (Fig. 3.). Fig... (ID:806)

How to archive CodeTwo Public Folders data

...g. 1.).   Fig. 1. The archiving tool in Outlook 2016 (the window looks similar in all Outlook versions). In Outlook 2013 : Click the File menu and go to Info > Cleanup Tools > Archive. In Outlook 2010: Click the File tab, click Cleanup T... (ID:103)

Troubleshooting mailbox migration problems caused by MAPI limits

...x folder. MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED (0x80004005). Storage is not opened. Please open the MAPI storage and try again. module: C2ExchangeMigration .MAPI.Service.exe. MAPI function GetPropList failed. Access denied (MAPI_E_NO_ACCESS) (0x80070005). Fa... (ID:516)

How to troubleshoot a problem with access rights to rules (error 1301)

...sue, you need to make sure that all required updates (including Service Packs) are installed on all servers hosting the Exchange Rules services.... (ID:382)

Error: An item with the same key has already been added

...rror message "An item with the same key has already been added" when trying to use remote connection feature in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO (1.x). Fig. 1. An error message displayed when you attempt to connect remotely. Solution: The error... (ID:366)

Internal and external recipients to the same message in CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007

Problem: In CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 you can define exceptions to the list of recipients that will receive messages with no disclaimers / signatures. Solution: Frequently, the administrator configures the program to prevent footers comin... (ID:67)

MS Exchange 2010 – Undelivered e-mail and corrupt message content

...of the emails have not been delivered or the message content is corrupted. Solution: Some of our clients using CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 reported issues concerning undelivered e-mail and corrupt message content. This is a production issu... (ID:144)

How to run the Exchange Sync service under a newly created user

Problem: You have to run the CodeTwo Exchange Sync service under a newly created user.  Solution: If the status of the Exchange Sync service is stopped (following a server restart) and the service cannot be started, you will need to follow... (ID:188)

How to fix problems with configuration of CodeTwo Exchange Online connectors - Access denied

Problem: You are not able to configure Exchange Online connectors by using the program’s wizard (Fig. 1.). The following (or similar) error is displayed: Connecting to remote server failed with the following error messag... (ID:650)

How to fix problems with verification of group membership

...t the user you chose in the Service account step meets all the requirements described in the user's manual of CodeTwo Exchange Migration or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. If you are going to migrate public folders, double-check that this a... (ID:579)

Spoofed emails receive signatures in the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family of products

...mpt to impersonate a user inside your organization. As a result of this spoofing attempt, they are processed by CodeTwo Exchange Rules and receive signatures and/or disclaimers identically to authentic emails. Solution: The problem occurs b... (ID:891)

Signature rules are not displayed in the web-based signature management app

Problem: When you sign in to, the signature rules created previously in the desktop app are not displayed in the SIGNATURE RULES list. No error messages are displayed. Fig. 1. Signature rules are not displayed in the web-... (ID:914)

Signatures are not visible in emails in the Sent Items folder on mobile devices

...running in cached mode or its folders may not be updated fast enough. CodeTwo Sent Items Update service uses native Exchange Web Services (EWS) API calls to update messages directly in the Exchange Server mailboxes. That is why we ne... (ID:505)

You are not able to resend a message updated by SIU

Problem: You cannot use a resend option for a message processed by the Sent Items Update service (SIU) of CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO or CodeTwo Exchange Rules  family software. The attempt to resend the e-mail ends with the following error... (ID:423)

How to resolve an internal server error in CodeTwo Backup and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration

Problem: You are unable to restore or migrate data to the selected Microsoft 365 (Office 365) mailbox. You get the following error: An internal server error occurred. The operation failed. or Unable to upload item - [Item ID]. Error: An i... (ID:887)

How to migrate room and equipment mailboxes

Problem: Resource mailboxes, such as rooms and equipment, are not listed in CodeTwo Office 365 Migration and CodeTwo Exchange Migration, so they cannot be migrated to any server. Solution: Although the migration of resource mailboxes is not... (ID:391)

Diagnosing CodeTwo migration software

Problem: CodeTwo assistance is required when you experience problems with CodeTwo Exchange Migration / CodeTwo Office 365 Migration or require advanced configuration of the software. You need to provide a description of your environment and... (ID:307)

What to do if I removed the CodeTwo domain assigned to my Office 365 tenant?

Problem: You removed the CodeTwo domain that was added to your Office 365 tenant during the provisioning of CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. Solution: After you add a tenant to CodeTwo Admin Panel and the provisioning of our service... (ID:721)

Sent Items Update thread abort exception

...ueProcesingThread.Proceed function., Thread was being aborted. Solution: This behavior is a result of a bug in CodeTwo Exchange Rules software. The bug is a minor issue which results solely on logging the above quoted message to the Sent... (ID:444)

Error related to deserializing object graph some scenarios, especially when you are trying to: Import rules configuration file of a very large size in CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro Error: The formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize the m... (ID:498)

How to restore lost CodeTwo Public Folders' toolbar and menu in Outlook

...ders in Outlook 2007: Open in Outlook menu Tools, Trust Center. Choose tab Add-Ins. From the list at the bottom choose Exchange Client Extensions, click Go. Check if CodeTwo Public Folders is on the list and if it is marked. If no, mark it... (ID:50)

Troubleshooting CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook

...y happen if you don't have any Outlook desktop app installed or if your version is too old. Remember that only Outlook 2013 or later is supported.  If you have an up to date version of Outlook but still get this error, the problem might b... (ID:853)

Mobile phone numbers are displayed improperly


How to troubleshoot problems with iCloud - Outlook synchronization or updating your Windows or Outlook (for example, you have just upgraded your Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, or Outlook 2013 to Outlook 2016), follow the steps below. This solution also applies if your CodeTwo Sync for iCloud does not work... (ID:271)

CodeTwo Public Folders PST size limitation in different version of MS Outlook

...: For the versions prior to 2003, the maximum size is 2GB. For Outlook 2003 and 2007 it is 20 GB. For Outlook 2010 / 2013 / 2016 the maximum size is 50GB. If the size of the file reaches the limit, a warning will be displayed. In order... (ID:240)

How to repair Outlook files (PST) using SCANPST.EXE installed together with Microsoft Outlook

... with the appropriate version number, for example: MS Outlook 2007 is Office12 MS Outlook 2010 is Office14 MS Outlook 2013 is Office15 If you cannot find the tool on your computer please go this Microsoft knowledge base article from whic... (ID:211)

Refreshing the local PST file created by CodeTwo Public Folders not visible in the addin options (as in Fig. 2) you will find it directly in Outlook Data Files settings: Outlook 2013 - File tab, Account Settings, Account Settings, Data Files tab Previous versions of Outlook - Tools, Options, Mail... (ID:73)

Public folders are not visible in CodeTwo Exchange Sync

Problem: When browsing source folders in CodeTwo Exchange Sync Admin, you are unable to select public folders – they are not listed at all in the program (Fig. 1.). Fig. 1. Public folders are missing when browsing for folders to be sync... (ID:801)

How to make sure CodeTwo Out of Office Manager supports TLS 1.2

...his software has been discontinued. If you are looking for a way to manage out of office messages for all users in your Exchange organization, try out the Auto respond feature in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro. Problem: Starting 31 October 201... (ID:764)

Signature design is inappropriate when it is imported from earlier version of CodeTwo software.

...ce processing every problematic signature or disclaimer. To do so, please follow steps described below: Open CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2 application. Select rule which was inappropriately formatted. Navigate to the Actions tab, then c... (ID:433)

CodeTwo Exchange Rules software failed to save licensing data

Problem: Due to insufficient user rights, CodeTwo Exchange Rules software cannot activate your license. During the activation, the application tries to save some important data to your disk, but returns an error, as it does not have permiss... (ID:435)

Changing the default update time of an email message in the Sent Items Update module

...ult update time of an email message in the Sent Items Update module. Solution: The Sent Items Update service in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO is responsible for displaying signatures in messages located in the Sent Items folder. Such signature... (ID:222)

Installation of CodeTwo Exchange Rules and GDI dll error

Problem: An installation process of CodeTwo Exchange Rules may be stopped due to the following error:   Fig. 1. Error caused by a missing dll. Solution: This is due to GDUplus.dll file missing on the computer. If you are experiencing this... (ID:72)

NDR messages from CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

...the CodeTwo service automatically generates a Non-Delivery Report (NDR) to let you know about that. This happens if the Exchange Online Protection (EOP) server rejected further processing of a message that received a signature. Although, at... (ID:598)

Error: SenderNotAuthenticatedForGroup

...e the sender was not authenticated when sending to this group Solution: The problem occurs when a message is sent to an Exchange distribution group address for which sender's authentication is required and this condition is not met. This m... (ID:560)

CodeTwo services do not start

...tically after the system restart would not start. Applies to: Any service-based CodeTwo software. For problems with MS Exchange Transport service in connection to CodeTwo Exchange Rules family products please consult this article. Solut... (ID:385)

Troubleshooting impersonation rights error

...n to impersonate the requested user. A similar error may also occur when using the Sent Items Update feature in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro. Solution: This issue can be related to: EWS throttling in Exchange insufficient impersonation permi... (ID:799)

CodeTwo Out of Office Manager: useful links (user's manual and installation file)

...ager has been discontinued and removed from our main website. If you want to centrally manage automatic replies on your Exchange Server, you might want to check out the auto respond feature in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro. However, if you are... (ID:823)

Error: Failed to create empty document

Problem: When starting the Editor in Exchange Rules 2003 / 2007 / 2010, the following error message appears: Failed to create empty document. Solution: The problem is related to a conflict between the default printer and the MFC Windows li... (ID:179)

Troubleshooting Error 1069: The service did not start due to a logon failure

...stalled and launched as Windows services (an example of such an application is the Sent Items Update service in CodeTwo Exchange Rules ). The issue usually occurs if you: provided a wrong account password when configuring your service, or c... (ID:175)

MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER and mailbox permissions

Problem: When attempting to configure the CodeTwo Exchange Sync synchronization account service, you see the following error message: Unable to connect to Exchange Server. Failed to open mailbox 'Mailbox - @'. MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER (0x800... (ID:485)

How to fix problems with migration of public folders caused by insufficient permissions

...ermissions that are currently assigned. Please follow the steps below to grant the necessary rights, depending on your Exchange Server version. Exchange Server 2003 Exchange Server 2007 and newer You should use the same account which you... (ID:510)

Items that should be synchronized by CodeTwo Exchange Sync do not appear

Problem: You have set CodeTwo Exchange Sync to synchronize your data. Although, in email clients like Outlook, you do not see the synchronized items. Solution: CodeTwo Exchange Sync does not use any email client at all - it operates direc... (ID:563)

How to reinstall CodeTwo Exchange Sync

Problem: How to reinstall CodeTwo Exchange Sync? Solution: Please follow the below steps to uninstall or reinstall the CodeTwo Exchange Sync: Stop the synchronization service either from within the program's administration panel or from Wi... (ID:230)

How to make sure older versions of CodeTwo migration software support TLS 1.2

This article relates only to older versions (2.x) of CodeTwo migration software. If you're using version 3.x of CodeTwo Exchange Migration / Office 365 Migration, see this article. Problem: Starting 31 October 2018, Microsoft makes TLS 1.2... (ID:766)

How to make sure CodeTwo migration software supports TLS 1.2

...e version you're using (displayed on the program's title bar) with the version on the software's download page (CodeTwo Exchange Migration | CodeTwo Office 365 Migration). If you're not using the latest version, you need to update the soft... (ID:763)

How to configure a CodeTwo domain in Office 365

...ain. Fig. 3. The opening screen of the Domain setup wizard. You should land on the Add DNS records page. Clear the Exchange and Exchange Online Protection checkbox and click Next, as shown in Fig. 4. Fig. 4. Deselect Exchange and E... (ID:639)

Items do not appear on mobile devices synchronized by ActiveSync service

Problem: You have enabled the synchronization in CodeTwo Exchange Sync product. On desktop clients you are able to see that the data is being synchronized. However, on the mobile devices connecting via ActiveSync you do not see the items. S... (ID:564)

Error opening default folder (MAPI-E-INVALID-ENTRYID) the internal IDs of default folders in mailboxes (e.g. Journal or Notes) became corrupted. Therefore, when CodeTwo Exchange Migration uses MAPI libraries in order to access the data, the program is unable to access data located inside... (ID:494)

Finding large items in Exchange mailboxes

Problem: You want to find and list the largest items in Exchange  mailboxes. Solution: This article helps you list the largest items in mailboxes. This knowledge can be useful in various circumstances. For example, you want to migrate an E... (ID:440)

Error opening default mailbox in the MAPI profile

...erify that, its mailbox was never used - same as above, log in to OWA, its mailbox has MAPI access feature disabled in Exchange  mailbox properties, is hidden from Exchange Address List, you provided a wrong password for it, the password... (ID:414)

How to fix problems related to remote PowerShell connections

Problem: Due to various PowerShell errors, you cannot configure a server connection to the target on-premises Exchange environment in your CodeTwo software. You may encounter one of the following errors: Connecting to remote server failed... (ID:824)

How to make sure CodeTwo Backup supports TLS 1.2

...fice 365 that does not support TLS 1.2. You are not able to configure a connection to Office 365 (Failed to connect to Exchange Server) You are not able to select Office 365 public folders to be backed up or restored Your Office 365 backup... (ID:762)

Failed to configure MAPI profile

Problem: You are unable to configure source Server connection due to a window pop-up error: Failed to connect to Exchange Server using account . Failed to configure MAPI profile. Also, MAPI Service log files contain the following entries:... (ID:506)

How to add new Active Directory fields to the Editor of CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients

This article is meant for users of CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients. This software has been discontinued. If your organization uses Office 365, check out CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. Problem How to enable CodeTwo Email... (ID:457)

How to avoid problems while designing the footers in old versions of CodeTwo Editor

...y not be affected by the issues described below. Solution: When designing a signature in older versions of CodeTwo Exchange Rules built-in editor, you should consider points listed below. Please note, that many differences in footers a... (ID:121)

Troubleshooting the ApplicationImpersonation role assignment

...ationCustomization. Solution: Important This problem, as well as the solution described below, applies only to CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration version 3.1.x and older. We recommend updating your CodeTwo migratio... (ID:836)

How to resolve a signature template saving error

...the Signature template editor without saving. Close the Manage Signatures App without submitting changes to signature rules by using the Close button. Once again, select No when prompted to save changes (Fig. 2.). Fig. 2. Closing the M... (ID:900)

How to fix spaces disappearing from email signatures

...rare issue which is not related directly to CodeTwo software. Our signatures are coded in HTML which has some specific rules on how to interpret whitespaces (i.e. ordinary spaces inserted by pressing the space bar) based on their surround... (ID:873)

How to fix problems with installation of CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 desktop components

..., a Windows-based component of CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. Keep in mind that you can also manage signature rules and create signature templates via a web interface at This problem is related to security option... (ID:688)

Alert regarding connector certificate expiring soon

Problem: You receive the following alert from Microsoft via email and in the Exchange admin center:  A high-severity alert has been triggered Connector certificate expiring soon regarding the Exchange Online connectors that route your em... (ID:912)

Blocked Azure IP causes problems with email delivery

...ervice IPs. In both situations, the solution below fixes the issue. Solution: The problem occurs when IP Block list in Exchange Online admin center is configured to block an IP Address of a CodeTwo Email Azure Service geolocation. Removing... (ID:834)

What to do when you are unable to use CodeTwo software after a major Windows 10 update

...e steps appropriate for your product: CodeTwo Public Folders: click here. CodeTwo Sync for iCloud: click here. CodeTwo Exchange Sync: click here. CodeTwo Public Folders Mostly, the only issue that can be encountered is that the Syncing Ma... (ID:599)

Increase the number of attempts for opening message store

Problem At the system startup, CodeTwo Exchange Sync Service fails to open the Message Store with default number of attempts. As a result, the synchronization service does not work and needs to be manually started. Solution By default, C... (ID:502)

Error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required

Problem: You get the following error in CodeTwo Exchange Migration: Error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required. Solution: There may be a few reasons for this error to occur. Basically, this problem occurs when there is something wrong with... (ID:407)

Error: There is no email program associated to perform the requested action

...nce this error with CodeTwo software, see the sections below to learn about the probable causes and solutions. CodeTwo Exchange Sync Tools and programs for Outlook CodeTwo Exchange Sync If you get the described error when you install Code... (ID:351)

How to make sure CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients supports TLS 1.2

...Server 2008) have TLS 1.2 disabled or do not support it at all. The article shows how to ensure your Windows Server and Exchange Server version supports TLS 1.2.... (ID:767)

How to make sure CodeTwo User Photos for Office 365 supports TLS 1.2

...Server 2008) have TLS 1.2 disabled or do not support it at all. The article shows how to ensure your Windows Server and Exchange Server version supports TLS 1.2.... (ID:761)

How to troubleshoot EWS connection by using EWSEditor

...rors when you use CodeTwo software to connect to (or execute a specific action upon) a mailbox or public folder via the Exchange Web Services (EWS) protocol. Solution: To verify if an error is related to CodeTwo software or to your environm... (ID:749)

Using MFCMAPI to check mailbox read and write permissions

...permissions to a mailbox. This may be useful to diagnose permission issues with CodeTwo software, for example CodeTwo Exchange Sync or CodeTwo Exchange Folders. Solution: The below steps present an attempt to create a folder within a mail... (ID:363)

Troubleshooting CodeTwo license status verification issue

...vailable licenses. Use the links below for instructions specific to your product: CodeTwo Backup CodeTwo Office 365 / Exchange Migration CodeTwo Backup Close the Administration Panel of CodeTwo Backup. Go to Control Panel > Administrati... (ID:828)

Office 365 group mailboxes are not being backed up mind that the user who will be assigned the owner or member role needs to have a mailbox, i.e. you need to assign an Exchange Online license to that user. Once you assign an owner or member to the group, you will be able to back up the g... (ID:803)

How to manage mailboxes in Office 365 after migrating them within a hybrid environment

...wo migration tools, you are unable to change some of the user settings in Office 365 – both via Windows PowerShell or Exchange admin center in Exchange  Online. You receive the following or similar message: This user is synchronized wit... (ID:750)

How to set up DNS records properly for a migration

...orest but in different site. There are many possible migration scenarios - see a description of some of them in CodeTwo Exchange Migration user's manual. Please review the whole article below before you start applying any changes. The bott... (ID:524)

Invalid mime content

Problem: During the migration with CodeTwo Exchange Migration or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration some items are not migrated and one of the following errors is recorded for them in the log files: Error while uploading package. System.Exc... (ID:451)

Microsoft 365 sign-in screen appears blank when configuring a connection to Exchange Online

Problem: When configuring a connection to Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online) in CodeTwo backup or migration software, the Microsoft sign-in screen is not displayed correctly (blank screen is shown) and you cannot enter your credentials. This i... (ID:915)

How to troubleshoot AD attributes synchronization problems

...plorer returns the same value that is shown in your email signature (which is incorrect), check what value is shown in Exchange Online for a given user. If the value is also not correct, update it. If the value in Exchange Online is corre... (ID:881)

Emails are not sent (550 5.1.8 Access denied, bad outbound sender)

...t is safe, they need to follow these steps to remove the account from the block list and resume its mail flow: Open Exchange admin center. Select protection from the left menu and go to the action center tab (Fig. 1.). Fig. 1. To see... (ID:699)

Failed to find an exchange connection for selected mailbox unable to migrate your mailboxes and you are receiving the following error during the migration: Failed to find an exchange connection for selected mailbox. Solution: This error may be caused by the following reasons: Corrupted insta... (ID:523)

Troubleshooting the 'Request Entity Too Large' error

Problem: During the migration, you are unable to upload big items to your target on-premises Exchange server, due to the following error: Error while uploading package. System.Exception: The request failed with HTTP status 413: Request Ent... (ID:504)

Error: MAPI logon failed (MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED) (0x80040111)

Problem: You are able to migrate particular number of mailboxes (for example 20) with CodeTwo Exchange Migration or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration but after reaching that number further mailboxes are not migrated and the following error c... (ID:412)

Error: [ErrorNonExistentMailbox]

Problem: You get the following error in CodeTwo Exchange Migration or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration: [ErrorNonExistentMailbox] - The SMTP address has no mailbox associated with it. Solution: The target mailbox is not fully enabled. A user... (ID:411)

Target server mailbox addresses are not resolving

Problem: Target server mailbox addresses are not resolving in CodeTwo Exchange Migration or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. Solution: In some migration scenarios such as a cross-domain migration the target server email addresses do not resol... (ID:394)

Diagnosing CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients

...ur MS Windows version on the server as well as on workstations, do you have a domain controller on site, do you have MS Exchange Server on premises (what version), do you use Exchange Online, if so: what plans of Office 365 do you have, is... (ID:298)

Problems synchronizing a large number of items

...ed properly. Solution: The problem may be evident in a below scenario: A task is defined to synchronize two folders of Exchange . After the synchronization of items in folders is finished, the user drops a large number of items to the sourc... (ID:141)

Error: The specified object was not found in the store

...the store. Can't connect to the mailbox of user Mailbox database guid: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx because the ExchangePrincipal object contains outdated information. The mailbox may have been moved recently. Solution: This error m... (ID:779)

Troubleshooting CodeTwo certificate validation problems

...with a link to download the latest version of your product. Use the links below to learn more about updating: CodeTwo Exchange Migration CodeTwo Office 365 Migration CodeTwo Backup Once you complete the update, there shouldn’t be any p... (ID:759)

How to fix problems with message approval for distribution groups in Office 365

...approval. Solution: The problem with multiple approval notifications occurs when your message approval is based on an Exchange Online transport rule with the Forward the message for approval action (Fig. 1.). Fig. 1. A sample transport... (ID:691)

How to connect CodeTwo products to Azure Germany cloud services

...ges will not affect the rest of your environment. First, you need to get one of the valid IP addresses that points to Exchange servers hosted in Azure Germany which can handle PowerShell and EWS requests. To do so, open the command prompt... (ID:634)

The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (405) Method Not Allowed

...The remote server returned an error: (405) Method Not Allowed Solution: If you have a hybrid environment (on-premises Exchange server connected to Office 365) CodeTwo Office 365 Migration might not connect to Office 365 on some occasions... (ID:466)


...window or visible in the software's log file. Fig. 1. Example of an error message window pop-up. For example, CodeTwo Exchange Sync logs the following message: Error: Error configuring Microsoft Exchange service in the profile. MAPI_E_AMB... (ID:380)

Sent Items Update – the updated message is too large

...everal MB. As a result the message will not be updated. Solution: In order to solve the problem, you need to modify the ExchangeWebService settings that is responsible for updating messages in Exchange mailboxes. This can be done by editing... (ID:185)

Mailboxes are not backed up due to ID mismatch

Problem: While running an Exchange backup job in CodeTwo Backup, some mailboxes fail to back up and you receive the following message: Failed to back up mailbox '' because its ID doesn’t match the ID of the mailbox existing in the storag... (ID:815)

Problems related to Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

...Policy Framework (SPF) TXT records configured for your domain. For example, your emails are treated as spam or junk by Exchange Online Protection (EOP). Solution: The correct configuration of SPF records How to set up TTL? What happens if... (ID:716)

Corrupted emails after migrating from IMAP

Problem: You migrate emails from an IMAP server to a target on-premises Exchange server or Office 365 with CodeTwo migration tools. After the migration, your emails are empty, corrupted or lack formatting. Solution: Connect to your source I... (ID:664)

Multivalue AD attributes are not displayed in email signatures

...o: Find your attribute on this page and click it. Navigate to the table dedicated to your version (implementation) of Exchange Server and check the value in the Is-Single-Valued row. If the value is True (Fig. 1.), then you have a sing... (ID:633)

How to fix problems with CodeTwo Public Folders after Windows 10 upgrade/update of the major Windows 10 updates. If you are experiencing this problem with CodeTwo Sync for iCloud, Outlook Sync, or Exchange Sync, please consult this article. Before you go further ensure that you have the latest available version of t... (ID:580)

Emails land in spam/junk folder

...of the SPF record in your domain's DNS. You SPF record needs to be updated by adding the CodeTwo SPF address so that Exchange Online Protection (EOP) does not flag emails processed by CodeTwo Email Azure service as spam. The software can... (ID:530)

Moving installation of CodeTwo Backup to another machine

...tance of the program In CodeTwo Backup Administration Panel, go to the Storages tab, and archive all storages (or only Exchange /SharePoint data) that you want to move (Fig. 1.). Fig. 1. Archiving an existing storage. Once the archive... (ID:519)

Non-Unicode characters are displayed improperly

Problem: Non-Unicode characters (e.g. Arabic) are displayed improperly as quotation marks in CodeTwo products. Fig. 1. Arabic characters displayed as question marks. Solution: This problem occurs on systems that are not configured to dis... (ID:514)

Multiple unnecessary folders appear in Outlook folder tree

Problem: In your mailbox, you see many folders named the file so that changes to the file will be reflected in your item, and these files cannot be removed (Fig. 1.). Fig. 1. Multiple copies of the same unwanted folder. Solution: If you... (ID:344)

How to extend the timeout for services if they fail to start or stop

...Properties. On the General tab, change the Startup type to Automatic (Delayed Start), as shown in Fig. 2. for CodeTwo Exchange Sync. Fig. 2. Selecting the startup type of a service. How to increase the timeout value for the service sta... (ID:228)

Sent Items Update installation error

...e. The notes under the failed component will inform what needs to be done i.e. which scripts need to be pasted into the Exchange Management Shell console for the user to complete the installation manually. If you click Contact Support, the... (ID:138)

Select a CodeTwo product above to see the results.

Select a CodeTwo product above to see the results.

Update to the CodeTwo Exchange Rules software family – OAuth 2.0 support and more

If you are using our software to manage email signatures and disclaimers in Exchange, then this news is for you. We released a new version of the following products from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family: CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2019 CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2016 CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 The new version brings [...]

How to effectively schedule a meeting with the Microsoft FindTime add-in in Outlook?

Trying to find the right meeting time that suits all required attendees is not a piece of cake. Especially when every user has many different duties during a work day. So, if you feel like you’re sacrificing too much time for scheduling a meeting, you might benefit from the Microsoft add-in for Outlook called FindTime. [...]

New email signature manager for Exchange 2019 + CodeTwo Exchange Rules product family update

Our CodeTwo Exchange Rules family of products has been expanded with a new solution designed for Exchange Server 2019 – CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2019. The program allows you design and deploy email signatures and disclaimers centrally, for each user or group of users in your organization. Plus, it comes with a ton of features that [...]

CodeTwo products with TLS 1.2 support released

Starting October 31, 2018, the support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions 1.0 and 1.1 is discontinued in Office 365. This means that TLS 1.0 and 1.1 will still work, but Microsoft will not provide support in case of connection/compatibility issues. For this reason, we have updated all our software that connects to or otherwise [...]

How to remove keywords from the subject or body of replies on on-premises Exchange?

[Update] This post was updated on February 18, 2019. Although prepending special words to emails is definitely easy to achieve natively, it is not possible, using Exchange mail flow rules or Outlook rules, to remove those words automatically from email subject or body when replying or forwarding. If you prepend any keywords to incoming emails [...]

Update to CodeTwo Exchange Rules released

We would like to let you know that we have released new updates to our email signature managers for on-premises Exchange – CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro. The newest version brings some minor UI improvements and makes it possible to see images embedded in email signatures on Outlook on the web in [...]

Support for Exchange 2019 in the upcoming versions of CodeTwo email signature solutions

About two weeks ago, Microsoft has announced that Exchange 2019 is already available for download. As for now, it is a preview build but the production version is just around the corner. Along with this announcement, we are happy to let you know that our email signature solutions will support the newest version of Exchange [...]

Update to CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro – new features!

CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, our email signature management tools for on-premises Exchange Server, have been updated. Apart from a bunch of improvements and fixes, this update brings two new features which facilitate adding tracking parameters to hyperlinks and inserting HTML snippet code to signature templates. Easily add tracking parameters to hyperlinks [...]

How to add an email signature to all users in Exchange 2016

This short video presents how to add an email signature to all users in Exchange 2016, using Exchange Admin Center. This method does not require any third party software and provides all users with a HTML based email signature and disclaimer. Transcription: Hi! In this video, I am going to present a short tutorial on how to [...]

New update to CodeTwo Exchange Rules product family released!

The product family of CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro has just been updated! The current release features some improvements and fixes to most recently reported issues. It also introduces a bunch of new features. New conditions: Sender/Recipient matches AD group Now under the list of conditions and exceptions, you will see new [...]

Update to CodeTwo Exchange Rules: Improved access rights management

We've just released an update to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro – our email signature (and, in the case of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, email content and flow) management applications for Microsoft Exchange. The update brings several major improvements in areas such as remote configuration of email rules, [...]

Top 5 practical tools for Exchange Server from CodeTwo to make admin’s life easier

[Update]: This blog post was updated on April 4, 2019. Microsoft Exchange Server is a tremendously powerful platform that offers many useful native tools to help administrators deal with their everyday challenges. However, despite of the wide range of instruments facilitating their work with the Exchange Server, it still leaves the field clear for improvement [...]

Email signature manager for Exchange 2016: Out Now!

We are happy to announce the release of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2016 – the latest addition to our family of acclaimed CodeTwo Exchange Rules email signature and disclaimer management products for Microsoft Exchange Server. Exchange 2016 might be more than just Exchange 2013 SP2 but in terms of email signature management not much (if anything) [...]

Updates to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013, 2010, 2007 and Pro available now!

Our email signature and disclaimer management tools have been just updated. The newest versions bring some major bug fixes as well as significant improvements to the built-in Rules Tester and the editor. Additionally, we’re excited to announce that CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is now compatible with Exchange 2016! NOTE: A standard version of CodeTwo Exchange [...]

How can marketing department manage email signatures in Exchange environment?

Taking into account the fact that email signatures are an important part of any business visual identity, it seems to be crucial to prepare them in a professional way. Perhaps in most organizations, email signatures are managed by administrators as only they have appropriate rights to provide any changes on the server e.g. setting up [...]

CodeTwo Exchange Rules adds Office 365 hybrid compatibility

Our email signature management tools for Microsoft Exchange, the family of CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro products, have just been equipped with a feature that admins of hybrid environments (Office 365 with Exchange on-premises) will find very helpful. Starting with the latest release, CodeTwo Exchange Rules programs can be easily deployed in [...]

Updates to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013, 2010, 2007 and Pro released!

We have just released updates to 3 applications from our CodeTwo Exchange Rules product family and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro. The current release brings a number of fixes and significant improvements to our email signatures and disclaimiers management software for Exchange Server. The most important changes include: the brand new HTML template editor engine and the new Social [...]

CodeTwo 2015 USA Tour

Here at CodeTwo we love emails – email signatures, email migrations, email backups, email... You get the picture. But we also love meeting people face-to-face! Nothing beats a handshake and chat with a satisfied customer, or an IT pro who knows their stuff and who's head is bursting with ideas. That's why this year we're [...]

Updated CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013, 2010, 2007 released!

We have just released new updates to our email signature management software for Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013. These updates are equal for all three products from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family and contain a number of fixes and new features. What's new: Encrypted and digitally signed messages can now be processed by the program. [...]

Limit emails after working hours

One of the secrets of leading a happy and stress-free life is keeping personal and professional matters completely separate. When you punch out, that should be it – no more work-related stuff. This way you can recharge and clear your head, instead of stressing out about your job (thus increasing the likelihood of a burnout). [...]

Blocking basic authentication in Office 365 (Microsoft 365)

The article was updated on February 25, 2021 Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a huge change of plans concerning disabling basic authentication in Microsoft 365 (for connections to Exchange Online). The complete shutdown has been postponed indefinitely. While it gives organizations much more time to prepare, it’s a good idea to get tenants [...]

How to block external access to Exchange admin center in Exchange 2019 via Client Access Rules?

[Update]: This post was updated on May 08, 2020. One of the most interesting security options in Exchange 2019 is the Client Access Rules feature. It allows the administrator to define rules to block or limit access to EAC (former ECP) and to EMS (Exchange Management Shell). This functionality was not present in previous versions of [...]

What’s new in Exchange 2019?

It has become a sort of a tradition to use the admin’s blog for informing you on what’s new in the newest Exchange Server version. Now, it is time to answer the question: What is new in Exchange 2019? Judging from the Exchange Server 2019 Now Available post, you could assume that Exchange 2019 does [...]

How to set up server-side email signatures on Exchange Server 2019

Exchange Server 2019 offers a way to configure a global or server-side email signature. Although it is more often referred to as “disclaimer” feature, it is often used to configure automatic HTML signatures. Why is this better than email signatures set up by users? By applying organization-wide email signatures on Exchange Server 2019, you can [...]

How to set up different email signatures for a shared mailbox and user mailbox in Office 365?

There are three options to choose from to add different signatures to user mailbox and shared mailbox emails. The first method is to create two separate signatures in Outlook, the second requires mail flow rules on the server side and the third involves the use of CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. It is a [...]

Message tracking logs in Exchange Server

Possible uses for message tracking logs Message tracking logs location and structure Configure message tracking What is in the message tracking logs Using the Get-MessageTrackingLog cmdlet Message tracking logs are a valuable source of information for any Exchange admin. While Office 365 has its message tracing, which works just fine, on-premises Exchange stores much more [...]

Exchange 2016 and SharePoint 2016 integration (part 2) – calendar overlay & site mailbox

In the previous article about Exchange vs SharePoint integration, I have explained how to configure email alerts and an email-enabled library. The first part of the article also contains information about the test environment I use. This article is dedicated to calendar overlay and creating a site mailbox with an email-enabled library. As a quick [...]

Office 365 litigation hold vs retention policy – what’s the difference

[Update] This post was updated on October 18, 2017. Office 365 and on-premises Exchange offer some native means of protection against losing precious data. Lately, a lot of changes have been introduced in the Exchange Security & Compliance Center. A retention policy and a litigation hold can be used to add a layer of protection against [...]

Setting an auto reply for a shared mailbox

[Update] This post was updated on January 30, 2018 To configure a professional auto-response (not an Exchange Out Of Office message, which is sent only once per sender) for a shared mailbox, apply one of those solutions: Set an auto reply for a shared mailbox in Outlook Set an auto reply for a shared mailbox with the CodeTwo [...]

Setting an auto reply for a distribution group

First, let’s get one thing out of the way – distribution groups cannot send automatic responses by themselves. Using Reject the message with the explanation / enhanced status code transport rule actions to send auto-replies for a distribution group is not a good idea either. Firstly, because it defeats the whole purpose of maintaining a [...]

Exchange/Office 365 Hybrid Configuration Wizard – step by step guide

Deploying a hybrid environment is one of the most complicated tasks a system administrator faces during migration to Office 365. It might take weeks of collecting data about the infrastructure, reading publications, planning migration stages and testing. What is more, even with all this effort, there is no guarantee that everything will turn out just [...]

How to block sending out-of-office messages on Exchange Server for external recipients?

Sometimes you may need to prevent auto-reply messages from being sent to people outside of your organization. No matter what the reason is for such a setting, you can quickly block out-of-office messages (OOF) directly on the Exchange Server. This way you can ensure that all users in your organization have the out-of-office messages blocked [...]

Email disclaimers on Microsoft Exchange Server’s side

(First published Jan 16, 2014) Server sided email disclaimers belong to one of the most desired features among server administrators. Although the need for this functionality has been consistently increasing throughout the past years, Microsoft still hasn’t disclosed a robust built-in Exchange Server mechanism that would fully satisfy the needs of IT professionals. Let’s take [...]

How to save outgoing email attachments in SharePoint library?

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is the ultimate powerhouse tool in the hands of an Exchange administrator. On a very general level it lets you create rules that redefine email flow and modify email content in your organization. A common example of the program’s application is extended control over server-level email signatures. There are, however, numerous [...]

Exchange 2013 components inactive

Installing a new Cumulative Update (CU) on the Exchange Server is always somehow stressful. If something goes wrong, you may be left with a corrupted/not working Exchange Server what means a financial loss to your company. To prevent this scenario from happening, make sure you always create an up-to-date backup copy before starting the CU installation [...]

The differences between Exchange 2016 and Exchange 2013

It’s been a while since Exchange 2016 was published and some of you probably are long after the first impressions and experiences in working with the newest release. Those of you, who haven’t had this pleasure yet, need to know that moving to Exchange 2016 doesn’t have this offbeat taste and Exchange 2013 users should [...]

How to track attachments in Exchange 2013/2016/2019

[Update]: This post was updated on April 18, 2017. One of the security issues that are troubling system administrators these days is to keep track of email attachments that were sent and received in the organization. Since files attached in emails might contain malicious software, sensitive information or just simply grow the email database size [...]

Email rules on Exchange Server explained

Email traffic increases steadily each year. In 2012, users were sending 144 billion messages a day, while in 2014 this number reached 191.4 billion. According to the Radicati report the volume of sent emails will hit the 201 billion mark in 2015. With such a big volume of data, it is quite a challenge to [...]

How to manage users’ photos in Microsoft Lync, Outlook and Exchange Server?

Starting with the 2010 edition of Outlook, Lync and Exchange users are finally able to have their photos displayed directly in Outlook and Lync clients in conversations. This new feature, although extremely helpful for users, brought new challenges from the infrastructure and administration point of view. We probably all know these blurry images appearing in Lync [...]

Email forwarding on Exchange Server 2013/2016/2019

[Update]: This blog post was updated on March 18, 2019. Some organizations may require to automatically forward emails or send a copy of a message to other mailbox on Exchange. The reasons may be different ranging from auditing purposes, data leak protection (DLP), availability, etc. In other words, there are cases when emails from certain [...]