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MS Exchange 2010 – Undelivered e-mail and corrupt message content

This article explains Exchange 2010 issues with undeliverable messages (ID:144)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010] [Categories: FAQ, Troubleshooting]

How to reconfigure obsolete server connections that use Basic Authentication in CodeTwo Backup

Find out how to deal with obsolete server connections to Exchange Online and SharePoint Online used in CodeTwo Backup. (ID:875)

[Section: CodeTwo Backup for Exchange, CodeTwo Backup for Office 365] [Categories: FAQ]

Useful information about CodeTwo Exchange Folders (installation file and user's manual)

You cannot find the user's manual and the setups of CodeTwo Exchange Folders (ID:420)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Folders] [Categories: FAQ]

Using Microsoft Planner with CodeTwo software

This article tells you about using Microsoft Planner (Office 365 Planner) with CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 and how to troubleshoot typical problems. (ID:641)

[Section: CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365] [Categories: FAQ, Troubleshooting]

What happens to my emails after migration if the source and target domains are different

Find out how to send emails from the correct domain after the migration. (ID:742)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Migration, CodeTwo Office 365 Migration] [Categories: FAQ]

How to troubleshoot problems with iCloud - Outlook synchronization

This article explains how to diagnose problems related to synchronization between MS Outlook and iCloud (ID:271)

[Section: CodeTwo Sync for iCloud, Other, Tools for Outlook] [Categories: FAQ, How-To, Troubleshooting]

How to add a placeholder based image

How to add a placeholder based image to a signature or a disclaimer. (ID:581)

[Section: CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365, CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 4.x, CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 3.x, CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 2.x, CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2016, CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2019, CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2.x] [Categories: FAQ, How-To]

Email with no attachments is displayed with the paperclip icon

Sometimes the message with no attachments is displayed in Outlook with the paperclip icon next to it. The article below describes a possible cause of such issue. (ID:178)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 1.x] [Categories: FAQ]

How to perform updates and upgrades of CodeTwo products

This article explains how to perform updates (i.e. apply patches) and upgrades (moving to higher versions) of CodeTwo applications. (ID:210)

[Section: Licensing] [Categories: FAQ]

Split messages not visible in OWA 2010 Sent Items folder

This article explains why OWA 2010 is not able to correctly display messages in the Sent Items folder. (ID:190)

[Section: CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 2.x, CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010, CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 1.x] [Categories: FAQ]