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Program sees outgoing messages as internal and does not add footers


Footers are not added to outgoing messages and the program logs them as internal mail. CodeTwo Exchange Rules classifies mail on the basis of message properties that point to the target domain. Occasionally, the program retrieves a value that indicates that the message is internal, while actually it is sent outside the Exchange Server organization.


To modify the functioning of the message, the address patterns must be entered into the registry. All messages sent to the addresses matching the address patterns in the registry  will be regarded as outgoing and external, and therefore they will receive footers.
The address templates must be entered into the custom-added registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CodeTwo\ExchangeRules\Categorizer
in the ExternalAddresses text field.

The address patterns are specified similarly to the way we add SMTP addresses in senders and recipients' scopes in the new or existing rule wizard.

Sample entry of the reg file:
 Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


The address patterns mean that all addresses from and domains will fit. All messages sent to recipients with addresses from these domains will be classified as external.


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