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How to process emails with CalendarPart in CodeTwo Exchange Rules


Messages with the CalendarPart property are not processed by CodeTwo Exchange Rules. The CodeTwo Exchange Rules Transport Agent log file contains the following message:

Calendar message. Skipping it.


When using the default settings, the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family of products will not process messages with the CalendarPart property. However, you can configure our software to process such messages by taking the following steps:

  1. On the machine where the Exchange Rules Service is installed, go to the following directory:
%ProgramData%\CodeTwo Exchange Rules\Config\
  1. Open the Agent.xml configuration file.


The Agent.xml file is created as soon as CodeTwo Exchange Rules processes the first message.

This configuration file is created on all machines where the Exchange Rules Service is installed. For the solution to work, you need to edit all Agent.xml files.

  1. Inside the file, find this setting:

and change the false value to true:

  1. Save changes and close the configuration file.

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