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How to preserve spacing in AD fields


You have an Active Directory field with some additional spacing in it, for example field Title: IT  Administrator that contains two spaces between "IT" and "Administrator". But when you send an e-mail, the placeholder Title is filled with just "IT Administrator", i.e. the additional space gets removed.


HTML-rendering engines such as those in web browsers or email clients e.g. Outlook, by default treat this kind of spacing as a mistake and remove them. To force the spacing you would have to use HTML elements such as: &nbsp; or <BR /> . This is, however, not possible for AD fields. 

In this case you have to use the <PRE> tags around the AD placeholders in your signatures. Such a trick will preserve any user created spacing or line breaks. An example of the HTML code would look like this:

<PRE style="Font-Family: Arial; Font-Size: 10pt">

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