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Support for multiple domains in the Exchange Rules software family


CodeTwo Exchange Rules family (starting version 2007 4.x, 2010 3.x, 2013 2.x) and CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO (starting version 2.x) do not find users and groups from the root domain, when MS Exchange and CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software are installed in a subdomain. Additionally similar problem could take place when you want to find users from a different domain (in the same forest) than CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software is installed.


By default CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software searches only for users and groups in current domain and its subdomains. If you need to find users or groups from the root domain (when our software is installed in a subdomain) or if you need to find users or groups in different domain in the same forest, then please follow the steps below:

First, please keep in mind that groups in additional domains must have a Universal scope to be found.

If you are using CodeTwo Exchange Rules software of version prior to PRO 2.3.0, 2007 4.3.0, 2010 3.3 or 2013 2.3, please update your installation immediately by downloading and running the latest version of a relevant installer. All steps described in this article are no longer eligible for those outdated versions.

  1. Please find and open EngineService.xml file. The default path is:
    %programdata%\CodeTwo Exchange Rules\Config\EngineService.xml
  2. Find the following line:
    <ADCacheAdditionalDomains i:nil="true" />
  3. Change this line to following section:
    Where domain.test is your root domain (assuming our software is installed in its subdomain) or some other domain in the same forest.

    You can add many additional domains. Then the section should be like:

  4. Save this file.
  5. Restart CodeTwo Exchange Rules Engine service.
  6. Follow steps 1-5 on each of your servers.

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