Images in your signatures are misplaced


When exchanging a few e-mails you notice that images in your signatures (and message body) are misplaced e.g. the same picture shows up as a photo of different people in their signatures or other previously embedded images are displayed instead of the proper ones, often additionally resized:

Fig. 1. Misplaced images in Outlook.


There are two possible reasons for such behavior:

  1. When creating a signature template you used a simple image name, e.g.: image001.png. Outlook by default changes the names of images embedded into a message into image001@someID, image002@someID and so on. If the name of your image matches the one generated by Outlook the images are swapped and displayed incorrectly.

    This problem has been resolved in version 2.3 of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family by adding a unique ID to every image inserted into a signature. Make sure you have the latest version of CodeTwo software installed to avoid the above described problem.
  2. You send messages using Samsung Galaxy S5 or Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Android v. 5.0.

    There might be other mobile phones that experience this problem, we have not tested all available models.

    The mentioned mobile phone's mail client removes all CID elements inside of the message source. If you used a number of images in the message thread those will be available as attachments. The last attached image will be inserted into every single empty CID element inside the message thread.

    This problem occurs independently of CodeTwo software. You might have noticed it for the first time when you installed CodeTwo software only because that was the first time you started exchanging emails with images embedded in their bodies (via CodeTwo stamped signatures) on regular basis. You can test that yourself by disabling CodeTwo Exchange Rules on your server and sending a few e-mails with embedded images back and forth between your Outlook and Samsung Galaxy S5. The problem will still be visible despite disabled CodeTwo software.

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