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Error opening default folder (MAPI-E-INVALID-ENTRYID)


While using CodeTwo Migration software, you are encountering the following error, regarding processing default folders of particular mailboxes:

Error opening default folder. Invalid object entry id (MAPI_E_INVALID_ENTRYID) (0x80040107).


This problem affects various configurations and appears to be a system specific issue. Probably the internal IDs of default folders in mailboxes (e.g. Journal or Notes) became corrupted. Therefore, when CodeTwo Exchange Migration uses MAPI libraries in order to access the data, the program is unable to access data located inside those folders. 

At this point we have confirmed that running the following command on machines equipped with Microsoft Outlook solves this problem for a particular mailbox.

Outlook.exe /resetfolders

However, as this command has to be executed against each mailbox separately (one by one), it is a rather time-consuming and not very convenient solution if more mailboxes are affected. There are some alternatives that might be helpful, although we were not able to reproduce this problem in our labs so we cannot guarantee that those methods are completely safe and that they work for sure.

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