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Manual installation of Event Sink for CodeTwo Exchange Rules


Instalation of the CodeTwo Exchange Rules software finished with errors.


  1. Download and copy the files below to the installation folder of CodeTwo Exchange Rules (by default, C:\Program Files\CodeTwo\ExchangeRules). Right click the link and choose Save Target As.

  2. Edit the BAT files if the SMTP service instance does not have a default value (i.e.1). In register.bat and unregister.bat change 1 to the number corresponding of the settings of the server.

    E.g.  The following entry in register.bat file:

    cscript smtpreg.vbs /add 1 OnPostCategorize C2ExchangeRules C2ExRulesSink.PostCategorize ""

    must be changed to

    cscript smtpreg.vbs /add 3 OnPostCategorize C2ExchangeRules C2ExRulesSink.PostCategorize ""

    for the SMTP service instance equal to 3.

  3. Finally, save the changes and execute the register.bat file.

  4. Store the unregister.bat file for future uninstallation procedures.


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