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Error: Login to Google failed


Migration from Google Apps with CodeTwo Exchange Migration or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration is not possible, you cannot configure source server connection - you see an error on the checklist:

Login to Google failed

you get a pop-up window with error message

Failed to load the list of Google mailboxes. Execution of request failed:...

or see similar error message in the migration log file:

Execution of request failed: Google.GData.Client.GDataRequestException at Google.GData.Client.GDataRequest.Execute()(...)


The program is unable to connect to your Google account. There may be many reasons to that, however, if you are 100% sure about your credentials and your network connection think of the recent changes to your Google Apps account. Have you changed your "OAuth consumer secret" key recently? Generating a new "OAuth consumer secret" key can cause temporary unavailability of your Google Apps account for third party applications such as our CodeTwo Migration software. In such scenario simply waiting around 24 hours fixes the problem.

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