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Internal and external recipients to the same message in CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007

This article is obsolete and may relate only to older versions of our software.


In CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 you can define exceptions to the list of recipients that will receive messages with no disclaimers / signatures.


Frequently, the administrator configures the program to prevent footers coming to internal users. But what will happen if we are sending a message that has both internal and external recipients in our To. field, or To. and Cc. / Bcc plus the internal recipients are included in the exceptions list in the Scope of recipients of the program. This does not mean that the external users will get the signature while the internal ones will not. Exchange Server 2007 in this case will not be able to split the message into an internal and external one for the purpose of differentiating the footer policy. Luckily, with CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 (version 1.0.5 or higher) we are able to decide whether in this case we want all recipients to receive the disclaimer / signature or none.

By default, the program will add the disclaimer / signature for all recipients if at least one of the recipients matches the recipients' scope and despite some being included to the list of exceptions. But if all recipients of a message are included in the exceptions list in the recipients' scope, none will receive a disclaimer / signature. If, however, our need is to disable the signatures / disclaimers for messages whose recipients' list includes both legitimate ones (matching the scope of recipients) and excluded ones (entered in the Exceptions to the list of recipients), a registry key needs to be added at the server.

Normally, the registry key is missing.  Create it in:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CodeTwo\CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007

add a DWORD value


and set it to 1.

A reboot of the server is necessary.

Now the disclaimer / signature will not be added for any recipients if at least one recipient is included in the Exceptions to the list of recipients.

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