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Problems with inbound connector configuration: parameter count mismatch


You are not able to create an inbound connector for your Office 365 tenant - you get the following error:

Parameter count mismatch.

This error may occur when you configure a connector in Exchange admin center (Fig. 1.), via PowerShell (Fig. 2.) or when you set connectors automatically in CodeTwo Admin Panel (Fig. 3.).

Fig. 1. The Parameter count mismatch error in EAC.

Fig. 2. The Parameter count mismatch error in PowerShell.

Parameter count mismatch in CodeTwo Admin Panel.
Fig. 3. The Parameter count mismatch error in CodeTwo Admin Panel..


You might have encountered a rare Microsoft datacenter problem, caused by a recent update to Office 365. This issue, referred to by Microsoft as Service Degradation EX102579, is not related to our software. Microsoft has already deployed the fix and claims that all services are now restored.

If, despite the above, you are still experiencing the "Parameter count mismatch" error, we advise you to contact Microsoft support. 

To check the current status of your Office 365 services, open your Microsoft 365 admin center (Office 365 admin center) and choose Health > Service health from the left pane. If the above-mentioned problem still occurs, it will be displayed in the Exchange Online service category.

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