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How to synchronize CodeTwo Outlook Sync over the Internet


You want to synchronize CodeTwo Outlook Sync over the internet.


CodeTwo Outlook Sync is mainly a local network software although you can synchronize your computers over the Internet. If you discover that you cannot use the program over the Internet, you will still be able to use it in the office or at home. Even if you send some emails outside your office/home, they will synchronize with the other computer, when both will be in the same local network.

  1. While choosing the remote machine during the initial synchronization, you need to use the IP address field and provide the public IP address of the remote machine. More about choosing remote machines
  2. Your public IP should be static (i.e. it does not change periodically), otherwise you will have to reconfigure the software every single time the IP changes. Be aware that most Internet Service Providers (ISP) by default do not give you static IP address. However, many ISPs offer static IP for an additional fee. Please contact your ISP to find out what is their IP address policy. When running CodeTwo software in company/corporate network please consult with your network administrator first.
  3. You can check your public IP by typing 'what is my ip' in Google Search and choose one of the suggested websites.

    Fig. 1. You can use your browser to check what is your public IP address.

  4. If you are using a router or a firewall, you need to allow incoming connections that will be established on the port used by Outlook Sync (default :5998) and route these connections to the correct machine inside your network.
  5. If the connection is not possible, contact your ISP to learn if incoming connections such as these are enabled for your account. Some ISPs may block this type of Internet traffic or will suggest a different port to use.
  6. VPN software is an alternative for using the public IP with Outlook Sync. Consult your local IT specialist if you decide to buy VPN software.


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