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How to set up a banner ad rule


CodeTwo Exchange Rules lets you add images to footers. The same mechanism can be used to append ad banners to mail.


When you create a rule it does not matter whether it is a rule adding user signatures, a legal note rule or ad banner rule. The process is very similar. The only difference is how you edit the template of the footer. In the signature you will use Active Directory fields, the legal note will contain mostly static text, whereas a banner rule template will most consist of a banner image file only.

Probably you will want the banner to add to external mail only, sent outside the organization. Therefore it is best to use one of the pre-defined rules Fig. 1.:

Fig. 1. Choose Disclaimer for external mail option from the Add button.

If you want the banner to be added only to mail sent by Sales Department, make the relevant changes in the Scope of Senders Fig. 2. You can either add a User Group or Organizational Unit.

Fig. 2. Editing the Scope of Senders to limit the mailboxes that will use the ad banner.

Next, use the built-in editor to add the banner image file to the HTML template. (It is not possible to use the banner in plain text messages).

Fig. 3. Adding the banner image file to the template.

Save the template and finish the rule creation. Your ad banner rule should be positioned in the appropriate place in the program's main window. The program processes rules in the order in which they appear in the windows. If you want the program to append the signature, legal note, and banner in the last place, this is exactly the order for your rules.

Fig. 4. The recommended order of multiple rules.

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