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How to save Outlook items in a newly created .PST file


How to save (export) Outlook items in a newly created *.PST file.


CodeTwo Customer Support may need a test item from Outlook to analyze your problem. Saving Outlook items in a common way (for example using drag & drop) may change some properties of the item in question, which may cause that CodeTwo Support will not be able to reproduce your problem and finding a solution could take more time. To save your Outlook items in a proper way you should save it in a newly created *.PST file. To do this, please follow the instructions bellow.

Before applying this solution please stop the migration process.

  1. Create a new Outlook Data File. To do this:
    1. Hit "New Items" in your Outlook.
    2. Select "More Items".
    3. Select "Outlook Data File".

      Fig. 1. Create "Outlook Data File" in Outlook 2013.

    4. Type the name e.g. "C2TestPstFile" and select the localization on your disk where to create this file.
  2. Now you will see this file in your Outlook.

    Fig. 2. Created Data File in Outlook 2013.

  3. In your Outlook right click on created "C2TestPstFile" data file and select "New Folder"

  4. Write a name (e.g. C2TestEmails), select appropriate value for "Folder contains:" - if you want to send emails, please select "Mail and Post Items". Finally create folder.

    Fig. 3. Create new folder in data file you created.

  5. Copy items you want to send us to folder you created (C2TestEmails). To do this follow these steps:
    1. Right click on the item you want to copy.
    2. Select "Copy to folder" from "Move" section.

      Fig. 4. Copy item to other folder in Outlook 2013.

    3. Select the folder you have created - C2TestEmails.

      Fig. 5. Select folder to copy item.

  6. Follow step 5 for each item you want to send. If it is necessary you can create many folders in C2TestPstFile - e.g. one for emails and the other one for contacts.
  7. Close the Outlook and compress to a *.zip file created in point one file named  "C2TestPstFile".
  8. Send all the above requested files and the environment description to CodeTwo. Please note that you will be able to upload the files after you submit your question.

    If you have a case open with us already, it is very important to state your case number in the subject line.

Before you rescan your migration, please delete "C2TestPstFile" from the mailbox. Otherwise it might get synced to Exchange and get migrated.

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