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How to replace a computer that is synchronized with CodeTwo Outlook Sync


How to replace a machine which is synchronized with CodeTwo Outlook Sync.


When you replace one of the computers that are synchronized using CodeTwo Outlook Sync, please make note of these safety tips. For the purpose of this KB article we will use the following computers:

  • Computer #1 and Computer #2 are currently synchronized.
  • Computer #3 is a new machine and it is going to replace Computer #2.
  1. Install Microsoft Office on Computer #3 and run Outlook at least once before installing CodeTwo Outlook Sync.
  2. If your Computer #1 and #2 were set to leave messages on the server and you add your email account on Computer #3, Microsoft Outlook will download the messages. If you connect the machines using CodeTwo Outlook Sync and choose to merge Computer #1 and Computer #3, the emails from Computer #1 will add to the emails in Computer #3 and the other way out causing a lot of duplicates. 
  3. It is recommended to make Outlook data in Computer #1 a model copy that will be replicated onto Computer #3. Next, while configuring the initial sync with the new machine, choose to Keep data on Computer #1. This means even if the email account was added to Computer #3 and emails were downloaded, they will all be deleted when the copy of Computer #1 will be mirrored to Computer #3.
  4. You can also choose to make a backup copy of the Outlook model data before connecting Computer #3. The backup copy can be make using the SCANPST.EXE program that is discussed in How to repair Outlook files (PST) using SCANPST.EXE installed together with Microsoft Outlook.

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