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How to place pictures side by side in a signature


You would like to put two (or more) pictures next to each other in an email signature designed in CodeTwo Editor.


To place pictures next to each other in the Editor, you need to create a table with a separate cell for each of your images. Using tables is the best way to sustain a proper appearance of images across different platforms, you can be sure that your images do not collapse and are always displayed inline. To align multiple images side by side, you need to:

  1. Open your signature rule and edit the signature. The Editor launches.
  2. Create a table (Fig. 1.). The number of columns should be equal to the number of images that you want to place next to each other.

    Fig. 1. Adding a table in the Editor.

  3. Insert every image into a separate table cell (Fig. 2.).

    Fig. 2. Create a table and put your pictures in separate columns.

  4. Go to the Table properties and ensure that the Border width is set to 0. Thanks to this, no borders are displayed in between the pictures. You can use the Preview button (on the View tab) to see the final effect.

    Fig. 3. Setting the table border value.

  5. Finally, save your configuration.