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How to insert an image into a footer


You want to use the built-in signature editor in CodeTwo Exchange Rules to quickly and conveniently insert images to your footers/disclaimers/signatures.


The editor can be accessed through the new or existing rule wizard. The new rule wizard is activated by clicking Add on the program's toolbar, and the existing rule wizard is accessed by highlighting a rule and clicking Edit on the program's toolbar.

The editor features a standard set of tools to compose HTML footers. One of the tools is used to insert images (Fig. 1).


Fig. 1. The tool used for adding images to footers.

In CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2.x, the editor has got a different interface.

When you click the Picture icon, a dialog box will display in which you provide the location of the image file (Fig. 2). Choose Local picture if your image file is stored on the server's HDD, or Web picture if the image file is accessible from Web browsers. 

Fig. 2. Dialog box in which the location of the image is specified.

While providing the location of the image, make sure they are not located on the shared or mapped disk.

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