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How to force selected footers to be inserted into an email message


How to force selected footers to be inserted into an email message?


Sometimes it becomes a necessity to stamp an email message with a specific footer when sending the message to various clients. This can happen when the emails are sent in multiple languages and a variety of signatures is used.

Using CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO, it is possible to force a selected footer into an email message. The example procedure below shows how this can be accomplished when two different language versions of the signature are necessary.

  1. First, two signature rules need to be created. Here they will be called RuleEN and RuleDE.
  2. RuleEN should include the following:

    • Insert disclaimer/signature Action where the English signature template is defined.
    • Keywords filter Exception, where a keyword is specified which prevents the rule from triggering - when that specific keyword is detected in the body or subject of the message. Here this keyword will simply be "signature."
  3. RuleDE should include the following:

    • Keywords filter Condition, where a keyword is specified which triggers the rule. It is the same keyword as the one used in RuleEN - "signature."
    • Insert disclaimer/signature Action where the German signature template is defined.
    • Remove keywords action, which will remove the "signature" keyword from the actual messages.

And now how this set of rules will work. When an email is sent and it requires an English footer, nothing special needs to be done - the rule will trigger automatically for every message. However, if a German footer is required, it is simply enough to provide the keyword "signature" somewhere in the message. CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO will detect the keyword, suppress the English footer and force the German one. Of course at the end the keyword is removed from the message.

The example rule set above can be of course expanded with additional signature rules if necessary. When adding further rules it is important to remember about assigning proper keyword filters for each rule, so that the footers will be correctly forced or suppressed.

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