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How to create a personalized disclaimer for multiple users

CodeTwo Exchange Rules lets you have personalized disclaimers, which include Active Directory placeholders. They can contain details of the senders, such as: first and last name, position, department, telephone numbers, which will differ from sender to sender, plus the remaining common details like the company name, its postal address, website. etc. A message including such a signature will be dynamically filled with corresponding data in Active Directory while the message travels through Exchange Server. Here's how to create a personalized disclaimer.

  1. Create a rule by clicking Add in the program's main screen.
  2. Configure the settings for the rule (senders' and recipients' scopes) according to your specific needs. Short guide to creating as new rule in program:
  3. Run the Signature editor by clicking Edit disclaimer in the New Rule wizard.

  4. Compose the disclaimer's template with the aid of AD field button/Active Directory Field button. If you are not making use of the AD field button, make sure your variables are spelled correctly and are included in square brackets. The server will translate the placeholders into data residing in Active Directory.

  5. Example:

    {first name} {last name}

    Final signature:
    John Doe

Fig. 1. AD field button the the signature editor for CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003.


Fig. 2. AD field button the signature editor for CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007/2010/2013.

A complete list of placeholders and their descriptions is included in User's Manual for CodeTwo Exchange Rules.

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