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How to configure CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 to add disclaimers to outbound messages only

This article is obsolete and may relate only to older versions of our software.


You want to add disclaimers to outbound messages only.


CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 enables adding disclaimers both to internal and external messages. To add the disclaimer only for external recipients, you need to configure the appropriate rule in the Administration module.

Exchange Rules 2007 4.x:

The way to create a new rule for external messages is extremely simple as the Administration panel contains a button to quickly create a rule of this kind. See the Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. Adding a new rule in Exchange Rules 2007 4.x

Alternatively you can edit an existing rule and set an appropriate condition:

  1. Start creating a new rule or editing an existing one.
  2. Go to the Conditions tab.
  3. Set the condition: Message direction is outgoing or Recipient is external (Fig. 2.).

    Fig. 2. The Conditions tab in Exchange Rules 2007 4.x.

Exchange Rules 2007 2.x and 3.x:

Please consult this Knowledge Base article.

Exchange Rules 2007 1.x:

  1. Start creating a new rule or editing an existing one.
  2. In the Recipients' scope tab, configure correctly the Exceptions field. If all internal users have the same domain in their SMTP addresses, you need to enter it to the Exceptions field with an asterisk ( * ), e.g. * If the domains are not identical but share a common element, this must be used together with the asterisk. If the company has the following domains:, and, the common element is 'company' and the entry will be: *company*. Note that the common element must be unique enough to ensure no external address matches it. Therefore, the use of *com* or *eu* will not guarantee correct functioning of the rule.

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    Fig. 1. Recipients' scope tab.

  3. The remaining settings can be configured as required. If this is a new rule, a footer template must be added.
  4. Save the changes.
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