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How to check who is the sender of the message located in the Common Sent Items

This article is meant for users of CodeTwo Public Folders. This software has been discontinued. You can check the list of currently available CodeTwo products here.


How to check who is the sender of the message located in the Common Sent Items?


CodeTwo Public Folders lets you set up a common sent items folder for the whole company (learn how to create a common Inbox folder - the procedure is the same for a sent items folder). A common sent items folder enables quick access to all mail that has left the company regardless of the computer it was sent from as all mail sending Outlooks contain rules that copy or move all sent items to a public folder. Seemingly, it is easy to find out who the sender of a message is by sorting the mail folder by the From field. However, this field provides only the name of the account, which can be share by multiple accounts in your company, and gives no details of the sender. What will help us in identifying the real sender is the SMTP address of the e-mail account.

To view messages in a public folder according to the SMTP address, you need to add the E-mail Account field to the column header bar. To do this, open the folder you want to modify, right-click the column header bar, and choose Field Chooser to display the Field Chooser dialog box. In the dropdown menu, choose All Mail Fields and find E-mail Account field. Drag the field and drop it onto the column header bar in the Common Sent Items folder.

Fig. 1. Sorting the mail folder by the e-mail account field.

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