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How to change how often the client app asks the server for updates

This article is meant for users of CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients. This software has been discontinued. If your organization uses Office 365, check out CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.


How to change periodicity of requesting signature updates from the server by ClientApp.


Please do the following steps:

  1. Go to the installation folder of the client app. By default it is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeTwo\Email Signatures Client App
  2. Locate file EmailSignatures.Client.exe.config
    • ​​Be aware that Windows may display it without the .config extension in the Windows Explorer so it will look like an .exe file but with a notepad icon.

      Fig. 1. Confusing appearance of the configuration file.

  3. Open the file using notepad or other text editor.
  4. Find the setting "UpdaterIntervalSeconds" and change the default value of 30 to a desired one. The value defines update intervals in seconds.

    Fig. 2. Location of the setting responsible for updates frequency.

  5. Save the file and restart the client app.
  6. The above change is applied locally so if you want to change it on all your computers you need to amend the config file on other computers manually.

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